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Insight and analytics in adult social care

Insight is a powerful tool for shaping social care services. Done right, data analytics can help local authorities and care providers to understand and predict customer behaviour and future service delivery needs – turning insight into tangible benefits.

Our insight service is proven to help local authorities understand and shape the delivery of social care services, to prevent, delay and deflect demand and enable care teams to run their services in a more targeted and efficient way.

Using tangible evidence, we help local authorities and their partners to build up a true picture of their diverse customer base. We look carefully at customer need, demographics and preferences against the availability of resources, budgets, and technology for delivering social care services – both now and in the future.

We also help local authorities to interpret the data to make evidence-based decisions on more effective ways to design social care services. This means care providers can make best use of resources and technology based on future demand and customer need.

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