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Reimagining adult social care

Delivering high quality social care for adults is one the biggest issues facing public services today.

With budget cuts and changes to regulation likely to continue, we have developed innovative solutions that rise to these challenges to deliver a significant impact, solutions that help prevent escalating issues and allow services to plan ahead.

  • We will work with you to lower costs, prevent demand and free up care professionals to enable you to deliver these essential services for people in your community: enhancing outcomes for vulnerable people while saving money
  • revolutionising your operations through innovative technology and data insight
  • implementing effective independence policies through a distinctive delivery model
  • providing an environment that promotes staff confidence and morale
  • collaborating with an organisation that partners with you to meet your objectives 

Capita is proposing six transformation solutions that could deliver over £5m of benefits in an average size council. These savings could help council money go much further, support hard-pressed staff and, ultimately, help make sure everyone in our society gets the help they need when they need it.

These propositions are:

  1. Maximum independence for older adults - introducing an integrated operating model that facilitates prevention services and targeted interventions to reduce residential placements and enable older adults to live independently. 
  2. Maximum independence for people with learning disabilities - improving outcomes while delivering budget savings by putting the autonomy of service users at the heart of your transformation programmes. 
  3. A digital revolution - optimising demand management and care pathways by deploying a unique, transformative digital toolset that revolutionises operations.
  4. Renewed workforce confidence - driving improved performance by motivating and maintaining staff through technology, resourcing and productivity solutions that maximise employee effectiveness and build workforce morale. 
  5. Prevention that works - enabling service user independence and well-being through improved targeting of service delivery, increased preventative interventions and more effective demand management. 
  6. A strong social care market - delivering significant savings through innovative procurement solutions and driving value from existing assets to reduce pressure on budgets and improve the ability of local authorities to meet service user needs.


How we deliver change

Our phased delivery model seeks to understand and assess your needs and collaborates with you to build a practical partnership based on solid business and investment cases. This innovative approach allows councils to achieve the best of both worlds – the benefits from the full range of Capita skills and technologies but also continued control of the social care commissioning aid operations.

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