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With the housing sector facing such unprecedented change, there is a need to put effective solutions in place to bring more homes back in to use, reduce the costs and waiting times for social housing and maximise revenue for the delivery of services.

In the last few years, we’ve seen housing revenue account (HRA) reforms, combined with targets set for new housing. As well as a move towards higher rents for new tenancies, S106/planning changes, new Right to Buy rules and changes to housing benefit as part of the welfare reforms.

Combine this with the need for continuing budgetary restraint, ongoing problems in accessing funding for housing, as well as for mortgages, and the entire market is in need of stimulus and new solutions.

Our team already knows and understands your organisation – and the market – and the constraints in which you operate. We believe that we are the only team that can offer complete housing solutions, helping you look at new ways to transform services and develop approaches that are fit for the challenges now, and ahead.

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