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Regeneration and economic growth

There has been a shift in local government funding in recent years away from needs-based revenue support grants to incentives for economic growth.

For example, through business rate retention and new home bonuses, and through city deals and devolution deals.

This is a further incentive for councils to do what they have for centuries done anyway – shaping their locality to attract businesses to employ their residents, in order to improve their life chances and address social inequality. 

Such place shaping brings together a number of different possibilities, ranging from creating an attractive leisure offer, high quality education for skills (and attracting employers whose children will learn locally), to housing, transport links for workers, and distribution, as well as provision of suitable employment space.  Local authorities are well placed to lead on ensuring that appropriate clusters of businesses aggregate in their area, to achieve a local proposition that differentiates them from other council areas.

Here at Capita we can provide a range of technical services that can address any number of economic issues your locality could be facing. Our experts can offer advice and guidance on how to help you to help your place succeed. 

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