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Police and justice

Integrated operational policing from Capita brings together market-leading products and services to provide a platform to support the transformation of public contact, response and investigative activity.

Capita has been a supplier of mission-critical solutions to law enforcement agencies for over 30 years and works closely with clients to support evolving operational requirements and future business needs in policing, namely; providing mobile access to data for responding officers, data sharing with partners and truly multi-channel, two-way communication links between the force and the public.

Capita’s portfolio, directly addressing the core needs to deliver a public-facing, locally based, modern and intelligence-driven policing service, helps reduce operational risk through ease of use and high availability, integrated data searches and joined up workflows to increase the effectiveness of investigations. Through a fully mobile deployment all officers and staff will be able to access all the data from any location.

With a unique position as a supplier of solutions and services across the policing and justice sector Capita has developed and continues to invest in its integrated operational policing portfolio that, whether deployed as a single suite or as individual solutions, provides:

  • Multi-channel public contact and integrated communications
  • Incident and event management tools to inform the most appropriate response based on Threat, Harm and Risk assessment
  • A single POLE data store integrating operational policing processes
  • Secure storage and access controls to all digital evidence and media
  • Data sharing with partner agencies
  • Configurable workflow and decision making tools
  • A fully mobile-capable platform.

Key solutions:

ControlWorks® - Transforming Public Contact, Control Room and Incident Management operations in a multichannel, modular and mobile platform with deep integration with supporting data sources and supporting systems.

PoliceWorks® - An Enterprise Operational Policing Platform designed to support all key operational policing business functions from a single application with a single POLE store for integration of data in all modules and external supporting systems.

EvidenceWorks® - Secure, open and scalable solution for the management of Digital Evidence for UK Criminal Justice agencies including the capability to ingest, catalogue, store, analyse and share media from multiple sources.

Supporting solutions: 

UNIFI - A Police Records Management System (RMS) that covers a vast breadth and depth across operational policing. UNIFI has been designed for the UK Police Service with the UK Police Service. UNIFI is a modular system that can be delivered and deployed in line with operational requirements and business change programmes.

DSX ICCS - Integrated communications hub for all communications including digital trunk and analogue PMR radio systems, call handling systems, digital and analogue telephony, CCTV, voice recorders, intercom systems, door locks and alarms.

Integrated Communications - A single, integrated platform for multichannel communications to allow our clients to take full advantage of both the voice and data capabilities that the next generation networks will provide together with social media and textbased contact.

Device Managed Services - ESN transition programmes, device deployment logistics, training, disposal and ongoing asset management for handheld and vehicle computing and radio devices.

Origin ERP - Capita’s Origin programme provides Police Forces with the platform to transform their business by back-office integration.

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