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Fera Science Limited, formerly the Food and Environment Research Agency, is a joint private/public sector venture between Capita plc and the UK Government. It provides leading scientific solutions, evidence and advice across the agri-food supply chain.

Within a world where options have been dramatically reduced for controlling pests – and pathogens and weeds are growing increasingly resistant to existing controls – we are supporting our partners and stakeholders in meeting the crop demands created by the impact of a growing global population.

As one of the UK’s leading testing laboratories, in order to meet our customers’ needs, as well as maintain our high standards, we continuously invest in our testing facilities. For example, developing the largest mesocosm in Europe. The E-Flows mesocosm is a unique platform for higher tier risk assessment of novel plant protection products, in development for two years, which allows the examination of simulations of natural aquatic environments under controlled conditions.

We advise policymakers and governments, and work with academia and leading research organisations on how best to deploy limited resources for the benefit of agriculture, ecosystems and societies. Supporting farmers and growers to adopt more sustainable practices and advise chemical manufacturers on how to minimise the impacts of their products on the environment. 

We have more than 100 procedures covered by the UKAS accreditation to the ISO/IEC 17025 Standard* giving our partners confidence in the reports they receive. Our quality policy describes our commitment to the highest standards in order to meet the requirements of the highly regulated international scientific business world.

As a National Reference Laboratory and provider of the world’s leading laboratory proficiency tests across food, feed and water safety, we deliver data upon which our partners can rely for quality assurance across the food chain ensuring compliance with the regulations. Employing more than 300 scientists, Fera analyses over 90,000 samples and publishes over 100 peer-reviewed scientific papers per year. It turns expertise and innovation into ways to support and develop a sustainable food chain, a healthy natural environment, and to protect the global community from biological and chemical risks.

*Full details available from the UKAS website (Laboratory number 1642).

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