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Capita can support your organisation through the huge challenges that are facing the water industry.

Over the next five years the UK water industry faces a significant period of change and widespread market reform. As the sector commences the Asset Management Programme 6 it will come under renewed pressure to improve efficiency and quality from both regulatory and consumer expectations.

With the increasing importance of the Service Incentive Mechanism (SIM), customer service has a material and direct impact on profitability. Factor-in the more frequent severe weather events we’ve been experiencing, and the need to be able to rapidly scale or repurpose resources to react and to communicate with customers is greater than ever.

Organisations are also preparing for the introduction of non-household competition in 2017, which will mean organisations with an agile, accurate, innovative and customer driven business model will stand out and thrive in the new market conditions. Capita can support you whether your strategic intent is exit, retention or growth.

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