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Our services for utilities

Capita’s focus is firmly on creating smarter services for the utilities industry, that deliver better outcomes for our clients and their customers.

We play a key role in our clients’ operations, designing, transforming and delivering their customer management and administration services and providing specialist support services. The scale of our resources and capabilities, plus extensive sector knowledge, makes us the perfect partner to help clients operate efficiently and provide excellent, accessible customer services.

We have a series of specialist businesses providing expertise in areas including digital, behavioural science, analytics, user experience and service design. All of this helps to keep our clients at the forefront of their markets and their customers at the heart of their services.

We consistently grow our skills and capabilities to meet both our clients’ and the industry’s demands – and we fully understand the regulatory environment. In order to create the most innovative and forward thinking proposals, we also work with a range of niche, specialist partners, from SMEs, the third sector, agencies and bodies where they can bring unique expertise and insight.

Our partnerships with our clients are close and collaborative. We listen to the needs of both our clients and their customers and design and create new service models that meet these needs. We ensure ongoing dialogue as we test and refine services to meet evolving market conditions. We also deliver these transformed services on behalf of our clients, under long term contracts with high service quality standards and defined and innovative cost models.

To support the energy and utilities industry, Capita offers a range of propositions in:

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