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Customer experience transformation

Delivering an end-to-end customer experience that increases trust, provides greater transparency and improves customer satisfaction.

We help you transform your customer service to deliver the simple and personalised experience that your customers expect.

Building trust, providing control of their services and being transparent through the use of innovative technologies will be essential in meeting the demands of a digitally-enabled energy and utilities customer of the future.

Capita's solutions are constantly evolving to meet – and exceed – these customer demands. As well as reducing costs and speeding up processes, we’re increasingly working with clients to transform their entire business model, merging services to wrap around the customer, moving to a single-customer view and thriving in a digital age.

An intelligence- and technology-led transformation brings a huge number of opportunities and benefits to your business. This will help you:

  • meet the expectation of your customers – and stop them going elsewhere
  • reduce the cost of delivering customer service
  • reduce demand by encouraging self-service and minimising unwanted or unnecessary contact
  • optimise your existing technology
  • ensure you are offering each customer what they are most likely to buy – either as a cross-sale or an up-sale
  • improve customer satisfaction scores - through recognising patterns and predicting customer behaviour, you can refine and improve your business to become more efficient.

This gives your customers:

  • a personalised and joined-up experience
  • a simple journey, taking less effort to get what they want
  • increased confidence in their service provider.

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