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Automation in local government

Capita's Revenues and Benefits software fully automates benefit assessments.

An application can be processed from start to finish in less than two minutes – up to 20 times quicker than a member of staff can normally process the same form manually. Customers can submit their claim online and receive confirmation of their entitlements automatically.  This not only improves customer experience, it releases staff to focus on complex priority tasks instead of time-consuming data entry, and also reduces the risk of error through rekeying or manual processing.

The solution, developed by Capita One’s benefits specialists and requiring no third party software or integration, offers an out of the box, automated ‘user’, fully configurable to manage any claim type you wish to automate, including risk-based verification.

This automation is easily set up within your core system parameters, working alongside your online assessments and applications processes to identify and manage assessments from start to finish.

It's highly flexible, as its configuration can be as simple or complex as you want it to be, and changed or broadened to evolve with your requirements.

Key benefits:

  • Up to 20 times faster than manual processing
  • Highly flexible solution
  • Cost-effective, delivering a strong return on investment and helping you deliver effective services despite ongoing funding reductions
  • No manual intervention from staff required, freeing up your skilled operatives to focus on other priorities
  • Automatic updates to the back-office eliminate keying errors and greatly improve data capture accuracy
  • Improves customer experience with instant outcome responses to applications.

Plus: low risk and confidence assured

  • Full audit trail created
  • Out of the box, and easy to manage and adapt to your needs as they evolve
  • Easily extendable to do any well-defined function or a process within revenues and benefits
  • Involves no third party software - fully integrated and embedded within the core Advantage system, ensuring any updates or changes are applied across the board, eliminating delays, risks, additional costs or integration concerns with system updates
  • Additional benefits also available via integration with other One solutions, such as the customer self-service portal and digital eClaim forms.

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