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Mailroom automation

A digital mailroom helps you improve productivity, trackability and information security – and reduce costs across your whole organisation.

Many organisations still send their most vital documents by hardcopy mail, so the way you process your incoming mail can make a huge difference to the efficiency of your business.

Our mailroom automation services deliver streamlined, tracked processes and operations that ensure mail or data extracted from mail gets to the right person, quickly and in the appropriate format. Information or data can be distributed to the correct recipient or transferred straight into a back-office system up to 3 hours earlier than manual in-house processing. Organisations are able to respond to their customers more quickly and more accurately and no mail means more office space and lower carbon emissions. Clients have clear sight of their operations and can gain real-time insight.

Key features of our mailroom automation solution:

  • an arrangement with Royal Mail facilitates early delivery
  • state-of-the-art scanning facilities and data capture technology ensure all hardcopy mail is converted into digital format
  • information can be extracted and processed from emailed pdfs such as invoices
  • same-day delivery to addressee’s inbox
  • data from mail can be automatically fed directly into workflow systems
  • specialist services, eg, cheque banking and a validation service for proof of ID documents such as birth certificates
  • security-screened staff and ISO processes and environments
  • original documentation is stored, destroyed or forwarded – securely, reliably, quickly.

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