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Behavioural science

Behavioural science gives us real world insights into how to deliver better services for our clients and for their customers.

Service transformations for our clients often have explicit behaviour change goals. A common one is to shift customers from costly contact over the phone to digital self-service.

Governments and businesses alike are increasingly recognising the importance of design for behavioural change. At Capita, we design our services to maximise our influence on key customer behaviours, by taking a robust, evidence-based approach grounded in science.

We’re expert in understanding the behavioural change our clients aspire to, and in applying scientific techniques to craft services to deliver them. We draw on cutting-edge research in the fields of cognitive and social psychology, decision science, behavioural finance, health psychology, and neuroscience as well as our significant applied experience in influencing customer behaviour.

Our behavioural science team works alongside our solution, transformation and service improvement communities.

Our expertise includes:

  • behavioural segmentation techniques
  • forecasting behavioural impact of specific service changes
  • intervention design and evaluation
  • design of nudges at service pinch points
  • in-service trials to optimise behavioural outcomes across the customer journey
  • innovative behavioural research methods

Best-practice in applied behavioural science often starts with the question: “what’s the business outcome (behavioural change) you want to achieve?” At Capita, we bring a holistic, intelligence-led approach to how to achieve such outcomes, meaning our service transformations are user centred, data-driven and psychologically informed.

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