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Policies and principles

We have a number of group policies and procedures in place, which set out how we do business, engage with clients and manage our relationships with customers, suppliers and third parties. These are embedded in our business processes and ways of working.

Date Title
31 Oct 2016 Anti-bribery and corruption policy summary (PDF 207 KB)
09 Jan 2017 Corporate responsibility policy (PDF 192 KB)
23 Sep 2015 Equality and diversity policy (PDF 76 KB)
14 Oct 2016 Ethical code statement (PDF 1293 KB)
02 Mar 2015 Health and safety policy (PDF 42 KB)
02 Mar 2015 Human rights policy (PDF 233 KB)
18 Oct 2016 Prevention of modern slavery policy (PDF 58 KB)
12 Dec 2016 Procurement policy (PDF 230 KB)
12 Dec 2016 Supplier requirements standard (PDF 268 KB)

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