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Our people and culture

Our people are our biggest asset. We employ 70,000 people and to recruit and retain the best talent we need to provide a workplace that is inclusive, inspiring and supportive.

We want our employees to be empowered and motivated, enabling them to make better decisions and respond to our clients’ needs effectively.

How do we support and develop our people and their talents?

  • By creating an inspiring and supportive culture this helps us attract and retain the best talent and keeps them feeling motivated and valued
  • We benefit from having a diverse workforce which provides us with a range of skills and expertise to create innovative solutions for our clients and help improve our own market competitiveness
  • We ensure our employees have the right skills to do their job and feel empowered to respond to our clients’ needs quickly and effectively
  • By supporting our people and making sure we take care of their health and safety we can minimise business risk and increase.

Developing our people

  • In 2016 we invested £19m in training support

  • 22% employees from ethnic minorities

  • In 2016, our accident rate was 1.41 per 1,000 employees (2015:1.48)

Our ability to satisfy our clients rests on the skills of our people, so training and development aren’t optional extras. We want all our people to feel fully equipped to make the most of any challenges that come their way. 

Our training covers a broad range of subjects and is available in a variety of formats. It includes programmes leading to formal vocational qualifications.

Diversity and inclusion

Having a diverse workforce brings fresh perspectives and helps us to create truly innovative solutions that benefit our clients and help improve our own market competitiveness.

With over 70% of employees transferring into Capita we are committed to developing an inclusive culture and aim to reflect the diversity of our clients, their customers and the communities in which we work.

Gender balance and pay

The UK Government's gender pay reporting requirements are providing us with a good baseline and evidence from which we can develop our diversity strategy. Our data is disclosed on the government website and in our Gender Pay Gap Report.

Health and wellbeing

We recognise that a healthy, motivated workforce is good for business, reducing abseentism and increasing retention rates.  We actively promote the health and wellbeing of our people – over and above what’s required legally.

We have an established Group-wide health and safety system and all our employees receive full training and we run regular campaigns to ensure people are aware of the risks that they need to guard against. All this comes together at a senior level in the company – with a group safety, health and environment director tasked with driving the message home.

Rewarding and recognising our people

We believe in rewarding people appropriately, so our pay rates are competitive. We have local performance schemes, as well as an employee recognition scheme to celebrate individuals who demonstrate commitment to our values.

Employee engagement

Listening to the opinions of our people is vital – it’s important that everyone is aware of the key role they play, it is good for productivity and it helps us shape our future business. We’ve refreshed our approach to employee engagement this year, with short, regular surveys. These allow us to effectively track how our employees are feeling and the effects of implemented changes. We recognise there is always room for improvement, and feedback from a recent survey indicated good levels of employee satisfaction across the organisation: 85% feel their immediate manager recognises work well done and 85.9% understand the vision and purpose of the business they work in.

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