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16 May 2017

599 words on a Capita leadership role

It seems as though these days people need to know how long things are before they read them in this bite sized, digital information consuming, on-the-go age. 7 things you need to know about Pokemon go, 5 best places to go in a zombie apocalypse, 12 ways to start a sentence - all in less than the recommended 600-word blog post. All very interesting articles but lacking some soul I find.

Finished with my first paragraph, I am using the past participle phrase style to start this next sentence to tell you there are a further 504 words on what a leadership role in Capita is like. Firstly, I think it is important to describe the sheer diversity of the Capita business. A beehive of dynamic high growth businesses, large outsource transformation programmes and a small corporate centre that create a truly unique organisation where you can spend a career doing completely different jobs every few years. Indeed, some of our leaders have done exactly that.

Delivering the UK smart meter programme, transforming the UK’s Defence Infrastructure, growing a data analytics company, improving O2's customer services, leading a global e-learning joint venture, we even have a business that uses gamification and augmented reality to engage people and transform organisations (no this is not Nintendo for you Pokemon Go fans). With around two hundred operating entities across 6 divisions the 73,000 employees in Capita deliver a staggeringly diverse set of fantastic services

Panic sets in as I wonder how I will describe all these roles in the remaining 343 words. The best way to do that is through the one central theme across Capita and the common set of values that leaders display in those businesses daily. The values mean something, they are felt, heard and seen and they start and finish by the Capita board demonstrating them through how they lead the business and how that cascades down through the arteries, meeting rooms, offices and countries where Capita operates. What are they? Well if I told you what they were they would just be words on a page, four of them in fact, and they wouldn't tell you much about us. Why don't you visit our careers section if you want to learn more?

And what is the central theme I hear you ask. Change. We make change happen. Capita leaders are Change Makers. This next sentence is the only one I haven't written in this blog. “Capita unlock value by applying talent and technology - for you, your organisation and our communities”. It is a good sentence though and one that nicely summarises what our leaders do.

Whew! I am off to pitch to the board to open offices on Alcatraz Island, the Sasquatch Caves in British Columbia, Svaneti in Georgia, Papua and in the underground city in Wiltshire just in case the worst does come to the worst and I see Zombies wandering the streets.

Keep an eye out for my series of bite sized word chunks that will try to be informative.

  • The 3 most important challenges we face in recruiting senior leaders.
  • 5 channels we use to recruit senior leaders in Capita.
  • 8 things we look for in Capita leaders.

To save you counting that was only 555 words. One of our values is to be effective so why waste 45 words.

Aaron Webster is Director of Senior Talent for Capita. Connect with him on Linkedin to find out more about a career with Capita

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