The Big Questions - a Capita learning and development podcast series!

In this series of conversations, Capita Senior Learning Consultant James Eynon meets with a range of L&D practitioners across industries and sectors to discuss the big questions in learning. In each episode, James and his guests explore how we can all learn and grow at work – and provide you with practical tips along the way.

Episode 1 - What makes an effective hybrid leader?

In this episode, James is trying to answer the question: 'what makes an effective hybrid leader?' To do that, he's joined by organisational psychologist & Capita Senior Learning Consultant Steph Bright, and a passionate, purposeful tech advocate & Capita's Head of Learning Experience & Content; Caroline Freeman.

Together, they explore why the word 'intentionality' is so important, how to be creative in virtual spaces, and a practical way to map out how & when to collaborate within distributed (hybrid) teams.

Plus, there is the first trip to Learning Room 101, where Steph plots the demise of learning styles, and Caroline has questions about the statistical significance of 70:20:10...

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Episode 2 - Hybrid leadership: what can we learn from legacy remote teams?

It’s episode 2 of James’ journey into hybrid leadership, and answering the question: 'what makes an effective hybrid leader?' Today, he’s looking at what we can learn from industries who’ve done hybrid working for decades, and to do that he’s joined by Organisational Psychologist & a Head of Development and Engagement at Openreach; Michaela Beauchamp, and a fellow Senior Learning Consultant at Capita with a focus on health & wellbeing; Sian Parr.

Together, we explore why you need to ‘make it personal’, what we can learn from engineering teams who’ve been working remotely for decades, and how AI is helping Openreach identify leadership talent more efficiently than ever.

Plus, we’re back to Learning Room 101, where Michaela is getting bored of breakout rooms, and Sian is aiming higher…

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Episode 3 – Hybrid leadership: what is the true meaning of ‘work’?

James is back for more hybrid leadership discovery, answering the question: 'what makes an effective hybrid leader?' Today, he’s looking at the wider context of hybrid working & what research can tell us about leading hybrid teams. Helping him do that are Professor of Work and Organisation at Cranfield School of Management; Clare Kelliher, and a fellow Senior Learning Consultant at Capita with a focus on inclusive practices and maximising employee engagement; Justice Onwuka.

In this fascinating discussion, we delve into the importance of ‘informal choice’, the challenge with the ‘door’ always being open & why we shouldn’t reduce work to a ‘set of tasks’.

And, as we were passing by anyway, we pop in to Learning Room 101, where Justice feels like he’s in Groundhog Day with learning objectives and Clare wants us to get specific…

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Episode 4 - Hybrid leadership: how can we lead across borders?

In the final episode of the hybrid leadership series, James speaks to Kailash Jalan, Global Head of Performance & Development for Capita Experience. Kailash is an organisational psychologist leading a team across eight countries, and so his experience of leading hybrid teams spans far beyond the pandemic.

In this episode, we explore the importance of understanding cultural differences, the impact of cross-cultural project teams on connection and productivity, and how skills labs are changing the way leaders develop.

Plus, a previous item rears its ugly head in Learning Room 101…

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