Recent strides in the development of artificial intelligence (AI) have led to an even more revolutionary version of AI, known as generative AI (Gen AI) - software that can mimic the human ability to create text, images and computer code.

The rapid advances in this area have been taken up and adopted by businesses around the world in the pursuit of improved services and productivity. But, amid all the excitement around the massive potential benefits of AI technology, there has also been understandable caution over potential risks and ethical implications.

In this paper, which explores AI and Gen AI through a customer experience lens, looking at the topic from the perspectives of:

  • Reality: AI adoption across the customer service industry over the last 20 years
  • Value: how AI can upgrade the experiences organisations offer their customers and employees
  • Risks: making sure to always put people first when embedding Gen AI
  • Responsibilities: the importance of using AI strategically – at the right times, in the right ways and with appropriate caution
  • Future: as AI evolves, so does its potential to improve experiences

What does the future hold? Human or machine? Success will come from a well-balanced partnership to drive universal benefits but above all, preparedness is key.

The age of the augmented agent

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