When the Peaks & Plains Trust needed to review its approach to safety, they turned to Capita for full digital transformation.

Peaks & Plains Trust manages around 5,000 properties across East Cheshire and the High Peak and is committed to providing safe homes that are well maintained to support healthy lives.

However, after self-reporting themselves to the regulator of social housing the Trust was downgraded from a G1 (the highest rating possible) to a G3. They realised that it was not possible for them to provide the all- important assurance on what homes had undergone the necessary safety checks and which ones needed to.

The organisation turned to Capita for help.

We know that managing social housing stock is becoming increasingly complex and that housing organisations need to keep the homes they run in good working order as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

We also appreciate that housing management is about so much more than maintenance and repairs to buildings - it’s about the people and families for whom these buildings are homes.

We worked with Peaks & Plains to introduce Compliance Manager, a digital solution which forms part of our housing asset management system.

This innovative software gives a 360-degree view of all the Trust’s people and all their properties, all the time. Safety is at the heart of the system.

The platform has created a ‘one stop shop’ for compliance for Peaks & Plains, informing the organisation when checks and services are due, as well as maintaining regular work schedules for the Trust’s 150-plus staff and automatically adapting to changing industry legislation to ensure buildings are always compliant.

Information about every single one of the Trust’s homes is held in the system, providing at-a-glance updates for busy property services teams allowing them to check for safety and, crucially, evidence safety compliance
to regulators.


Across all industry compliance areas, Peaks & Plains’ performance currently stands at 99.29% - a number they couldn’t previously measure.


More than 12,000 tests, services, risk assessments and inspections have been completed on time.


The Trust can clearly identify the 0.7% of overdue actions and has a clear plan to address them.


Peaks & Plains has improved its safety rating from G3 to G2 and is working hard to regain that G1 grading, for which it is better known.

All teams have now been trained on our system, removing the need for unreliable paperwork across the Trust and increasing overall efficiencies.

Crucially, the system is now allowing Peaks & Plains to effectively plan their compliance activity to keep their homes and people safe, work more efficiently and effectively and make decisions based on high quality, live and reliable data.

This is supporting the Trust to lobby for future investment to continue to develop safe, secure and affordable homes and achieve its organisational priority of improving lives.

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