Enabling essential people capabilities for today and tomorrow

The July 2023 Defence Command Paper says “people…are our most important asset”. Our services for defence organisations are all about people: now, more than ever, talent acquisition, talent management and optimisation are mission-critical for the armed forces of the 21st century.

Working in partnership with our defence customers and best in class industry partners, we’re delivering key recruitment, training and training transformation programmes across UK armed forces. From managing recruitment for the British Army, to transforming Royal Navy and Royal Marines training and keeping the military safe with specialist training for Defence Fire and Rescue, we’re enabling essential people capabilities for today and tomorrow.

Key statistics

In numbers: Capita enabling people capabilities in defence organisations


2,671,620 training days

delivered for the Royal Navy and the Royal Marines between April 2021 and December 2023


5 weeks

to design & deliver an AI solution to identify risk, assess and share intelligence on unidentified drones


92% retention rate

for Royal Navy apprentices (compared to 59% for all apprenticeships nationally)


3,203 incidents

dealt with by the Defence Fire and Rescue Project in 2022

Our defence data and learning solutions

Defence Army RAF
Our work

Delivering people services across UK armed forces

Recruiting tomorrow’s army

We run the Recruiting Partnership Project (RPP) to attract, source and select officers and soldiers for the British Army, both Regular and Reserves. To support the recruitment of 16-34 year olds, we’ve launched our ‘You Belong Here’ campaign, communicating how the shared values of many young people - such as respect, hard work and camaraderie - reflect those of the Army, at a time when research shows young people are actively seeking communities to belong to. (Jigsaw Segmentation Quant analysis June 2022)

Specialist defence fire and rescue delivery and training

We’re keeping the military safe with the delivery of the Defence Fire and Rescue Project (DFRP), providing preventative, protective and responsive fire and risk management in the UK and overseas. Some 500 Capita firefighters work alongside 500 military firefighters to protect personnel and critical defence assets. The Defence Fire Training Unit delivers enhanced training and modern firefighter learning techniques, helping to make defence firefighting safer. 

Transforming training for the Royal Navy and Royal Marines

Working with the Royal Navy and Royal Marines, we’re getting better-trained people to the front line, faster. We lead the ‘Team Fisher’ consortium that’s delivering and transforming an inspirational and relevant education and training service, dedicated to helping people grow and succeed in a Global, Modern and Ready Navy.

Data as a strategic asset

Recognising that data is both an offensive and defensive weapon, we work with defence organisations to secure military and business advantage from defence people and operational data. We have expert capabilities in data transformation, analytics and AI to drive new insights and operational efficiency to stay ahead of our adversaries.

Find out more about our work

Defence Learning Fire and Security annual review

Learn more about the variety of work we’ve delivered across UK armed forces, explored in our recently published annual review of 2022-23: 

  • helping to shape the future of defence people
  • driving social value
  • our premise for progress with education and learning.
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Our commitment to the armed forces and to veterans

As a long standing signatory of the Armed Forces Covenant, we’re proud to be a Gold Employee Recognition Scheme holder. We’re also a significant employer of veterans, who are an important part of our workforce.

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