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Business transformation

Transforming the way your organisation works gives you clear, tangible and quantifiable outcomes.

Optimising your customer experience, operations, processes, technology, capabilities and people helps to meet your business objectives while increasing efficiency and reducing cost. Continual pressure to deliver improved results for less means it’s more important than ever to make sure your organisation is performing.


Who we are

As a flexible, committed delivery partner, we consistently bring our clients measurable service improvements. We transform and manage existing services. We create and run completely new service infrastructures. Our extensive capabilities and infrastructure enable us to step-up service efficiency, quality and flexibility, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

We are focussed on helping private and public organisations achieve positive outcomes and sustainable results. We can also offer a wide range of commercial models to help fund our client outcomes.


What’s new in transformation?


What we do

We aren’t just idealists. We’re doers, who link the big picture with the fine details. We generate big ideas and we turn them into reality.

Digital transformation

Digital can transform all aspects of your business. It isn't just about technology, it requires a different way of thinking about the organisation and running of your company.

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Delivery excellence

As the economic and competitive landscape becomes increasingly aggressive, there has never been a greater need to transform your organisation. And with over 50% of business transformation programmes failing to deliver, organisational and individual success hinges on getting it right from the outset.

With our market-leading capabilities, we help clients design the future of their business and achieve lasting change through realistic, outcome-focussed transformational programmes.

Insight-led transformation

We help clients use analytics and insight to unlock the value of their data and inform evidence-based decision making. Our experience and capability will help accelerate your transformation journey especially around:

  • customer engagement
  • business intelligence
  • products and services development
  • digital processes
  • digital workplace.


Our capabilities

We believe that transformation is delivered by smart strategies, executed well. We have a range of practices who are the delivery engines for transformation programmes.

Assurance, risk and governance

Our team has extensive experience of providing clients with assurances and solutions-based support to manage their strategic, governance, operational, IT and financial risks.

Key solutions include:

Risk management: integrate risk management with your business strategy. We provide our clients with automated solutions to effectively identify and manage risk.  

Governance services: provide advice and support to boards and senior teams to ensure they have developed and implemented appropriate governance structures and complied with best practice requirements.

Accountancy services: provide professional accounting support and advice through our team of professionally qualified accountants.

Internal audit: provide assurances, support, advice and guidance in relation to your strategic, governance, operational, IT and financial risks.

Business architecture

We help organisations design the future of their business around what matters most, the customer. We make the organisational strategy accessible ‘outside the boardroom’ to create a shared vision for the future organisation.

We also deliver the changes, influencing the transformational and operational teams so that the vision becomes a reality.

Our key solutions include:

Business strategy: work with clients to set the vision and desired outcomes of the business. This is always done with consideration for how the strategy will be translated into action and outcomes.

Business design: provide a detailed blueprint for the future of organisations that describes how all the components will work together. This allows the business transformation to be undertaken with the same end goal in mind.

Solution assurance: provide assurance that the business and technical decisions resulting from any changes are the right ones and the solution will be fit for purpose.


Our multi-skilled, multi-disciplinary professionals have significant experience working across the public and private sectors and expertise across a broad spectrum of financial consulting and business analysis.

We are leaders in providing clients with granular analysis and analytical tools to allow them to make immediate and future business decisions.

Our solutions include:

Financial transformation: finance business process review and redesign to optimise the efficiency of finance functions and reporting of financial information.

Business case development: review business case development to support your organisation in making sound decisions.

Financial analysis: to help organisations better understand their underlying costs and incomes, and the drivers behind each.

Financial modelling: financial modelling and decision modelling to put in place tools to help analyse financial and other data, using MS Excel or MS Access, to help organisations process financial information and make robust decisions.

Finance system implementation: supporting the implementation of financial management/enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems with a focus on finance team operations and processes, accounts migrations and chart of accounts reshaping.


Our consultants have unique experience of delivering operational excellence across a wide range of large scale operations.

We firmly believe in a ‘situational’ service improvement approach, which means we use whichever method or combination of methods is appropriate for a particular situation and specifically designed around the people involved.

Our capabilities are founded on three key pillars:

operational excellence: help clients better understand their business processes and use this knowledge to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

insight and analytics: harness the power of data analytics and insight to help clients unlock the value of their data; turning it into a strategic asset.

customer experience: help reshape and redesign services with their customers in mind.

Whether you require continuous improvement from the expert application of Lean and Lean Six Sigma techniques, or a complete step change transformation, our team will ensure your organisation is functioning at its optimum level.

Programmes and business readiness

Achieving transformational change is difficult and risky. We can help deliver success through winning over ‘hearts and minds’.

We create excitement about the future and a practical plan to deliver it. We understand the dependencies between people, process and technology and manage design and implementation accordingly. What’s more, we recognise the power of strong governance to give stakeholders confidence whilst driving delivery of transformed outcomes.

Our solutions include:

Programme and project delivery: flexible and scalable options to support your specific needs, whether that’s managed teams or individual skills.

Business readiness and people change: change leadership, facilitation and business readiness.

Portfolio optimisation: provide a strategic process for realigning against business objectives.

Programme and project mobilisation: minimise the risk of failure from the outset by turning ideas into tangible projects with clear business benefits.

Programme and project management office  (PMO) health checks: audit the current status of PMO governance, benefits management, finance, delivery management and skills development.

Programme and project turnaround: provide an independent, pro-active assessment of problems with options to accelerate recovery and limit over-runs.


We all know that when it’s done well, technology is a key enabler of an organisation’s performance. Achieving the best value for money from technology investments presents many different challenges when defining the strategy, agreeing the business case, designing the solution or implementing and supporting it. Our ability to work closely with our clients to agree the best solution for their particular circumstances is built upon our range of expertise and our pragmatic approach.

Our solutions include:

Technology strategy: co-create a clear roadmap that will engage stakeholders and enable your business to achieve positive outcomes.

Technology enabled transformation and change: deliver IT-enabled transformation by taking a holistic view of your infrastructure to prioritise technology that delivers business value.

Digital innovation: better understand business processes and IT estate and use this to enhance operations through technological innovation.

Technology target operating model: ensure your IT delivery function is aligned to the business strategy and fully optimised to provide business benefits.

Governance and compliance: ensure technology and digital programmes have the right decision making built in and technology processes remain compliant with necessary standards.

Enterprise architecture (EA): managing business, data, application and IT change at an enterprise-wide level. This enables you to move from a department or silo-based organisation to one that focuses on the customer and achieves savings through more efficient processes.

Commitment to consulting excellence

Capita Transformation is proud to be a founder member of the Management Consultancies Association (MCA) Consulting Excellence framework. Find out more...

The markets we work in

We work across a range of industries to deliver outstanding, distinctive, outcomes at pace and scale.

Local government

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Central government

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Financial services

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As the government continues its commitment to deficit reduction, local authorities continue to meet the twin challenges of ongoing growth in demand for services and unprecedented cuts in funding. We believe people have a right to great public services. Our mission is to help councils deliver them. We believe that high quality public services enrich people’s lives.

We have worked with more than 75% of local authorities and their partners, and offer expertise in the sector along with a broad range of services.

We help local authorities focus on:

Business transformation
Our programme management capability, delivered by our 200+ consultants provides the capacity and credibility to co-ordinate large scale change.

Delivering lasting change through improved service design
We design and deliver new structures across councils, across partner organisations and with the community to deliver services differently, for less, with improved outcomes.
Understanding customers’ needs and behaviours
We help local authorities understand who their customers are and how services can be efficiently designed to meet local community needs and expectations.

Harnessing the power of digital
We help councils optimise their existing technology to meet the needs of their staff and support their customer engagement programmes.
Cutting costs whilst preserving what’s valuable
We have saved local authorities hundreds of millions of pounds by identifying and helping to remove activity that does not deliver sufficient value.

Achieving outcomes and working towards prevention
We work within and across local government, the NHS and the third sector to help public services make a real difference to the wellbeing of local vulnerable communities.

The need to address unforeseen levels of national debt has led to cuts in public spending that are the most severe for decades. People are living longer and will need to work longer, and tax revenues reflect the long road to recovery faced by the private sector. At the same time public expectation and political will suggest that services must be provided more individually and more locally.

Capita works with central government departments and agencies to help them work better individually and collectively, and build the new world with confidence and flexibility

Specifically we help central government focus on:

Restructure and Reform
The key to structural reform is to question the fundamentals of the organisation: to re-confirm its purpose, objectives and scope; to creatively redefine the services and customer experience; to investigate new collaborative possibilities; and bring the whole organisation with you through the process.

We help public sector clients architect the future of their business from first principles and put in place robust and prioritised plans, supported by a clear case for change.

Business transformation
It is critical that leaders have the support of people who know, through experience, how to drive change without losing people. We provide experienced transformation directors, delivery and PMO managers, analysts, modellers and change agents who have all done this before, backed by tools, techniques and methods proven in similar situations.

Operational excellence
For many of our clients the most pressing issue is to make efficiency savings right now.  There are a variety of well understood approaches to improving operations, many of which depend on highly analytical methods.  It is the ability to combine these structured methods with plain language and a practical empathy for the operational staff that can really make the difference.

The financial services industry faces ever-increasing levels of regulatory change and oversight, against a backdrop of challenging economic conditions and fluctuating levels of trust.

We help leading financial services organisations implement change successfully to their business operations. We combine deep knowledge of retail and commercial banking, general insurance, and life and pensions with extensive, practical experience of making change happen.

We help local organisations focus on:

Regulatory compliance
We help our clients understand the impact of regulation, meet those requirements, minimise the cost of compliance, reduce risk and embed maintenance of compliance within business as usual.

Operational excellence
We use skills and experience from across the whole of Capita to help you deliver operational excellence, improving efficiency and skills and transforming processes.

Customer insight and experience
We help you understand your customer and reshape and redesign services with them in mind.

Technology transformation
We bring a structured process to assess your platforms and identify the most appropriate solution.  


Security and justice

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Private sector

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The criminal justice system is facing significant change as technology – such as body worn cameras, digital courtrooms and control room infrastructure – revolutionises the way in which criminal justice is managed. However, this level of transformation is not easy. The implementation, integration and ongoing management of these services can be extremely challenging, especially when placed against the backdrop of financial pressures, increased accountability and scrutiny and ever rising customer expectations.

Our key solutions include:

Business transformation: help realise tangible benefits from technology implementations by engaging workforces and customers in ‘new ways of working’.

Deliver sustainable cost reduction: use Lean, continuous improvement and other customer-focussed approaches

Transform procurement services: drive innovation and efficiency, releasing working capital, and realising cashable procurement savings

Enable collaboration: drive collaboration between police forces and other public/private sector partners to reduce cost and enhance ability to tackle crime trends and customer demands

Transition between different technology solutions and suppliers

We recognise that, while every organisation is different, they all share a common problem: adapting to the increasing and changing demands of their customers, while reducing operational costs.

Our key solutions include:

Business transformation
We share commitments with our clients to deliver customer, commercial and organisational outcomes.

Insight and analytics
We use analytics and insight to unlock the value of data; turning it into a strategic asset.

Service design
We improve the customer experience by helping clients to reshape and redesign services with their customers in mind.

Operational excellence
We draw upon the repeated and wide-ranging experience of the wider Capita group to help our clients improve their operations.  Delivering efficiencies without putting customer service at risk is at the core of our business.

Technology transformation
We provide a comprehensive portfolio of services to meet all client needs. At the heart of each - efficiency, security and effectiveness.

Our health advisory services help healthcare systems and organisations deliver sustainable change through organisational alignment, capability development and results-focused delivery using proven tools and methodologies.

We help clients transform their performance and make step change improvements in service quality, efficiency, safety and patient outcomes to realise the associated cost improvements.


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