Since the launch of ULEZ in April, NOx (Nitrogen Oxide) emissions in London has reduced by 31%, protecting Londoners from harmful levels of pollution.

The ULEZ involves around 100,000 vehicles a day in London which do not meet the emissions control limits.

Our approach

In order to enable the ULEZ to go live earlier this year, over 1,400 changes and requirements were needed to improve underlying systems and processes. We delivered a full-scale upgrade of the IT infrastructure and improved many of the processes including camera capture and detection, billing and payments, customer contact and automated enquiry services, database and evidence storage and the enforcement engine.

We understand, from years of providing customer facing collection services, that a variety of channels for customer contact and payment collection results in higher collection rates. As part of the ULEZ go live, working with Transport for London and partners, we introduced a mobile pay app allowing customers the convenience to pay at a time that suits them.

The impact

We take over 4,000 calls and handle over 12,000 payments a day. This all adds up to the 75% early compliance rates for ULEZ and the 20% reduction in NO2 emissions.

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