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Digital and software solutions

Smart digital solutions transform how organisations operate, drive down costs and provide better customer experiences.

And, if you partner with us, you get access to the expertise and technology that you need to create and implement the right software tools and services for your organisation.

We’re a leading supplier of technology-enabled solutions and services across both the private and public sectors. We work with central and local government, public safety and justice agencies and third sector organisations. We aim to make the most of assets and resources to achieve optimal operational efficiency for our customers.

Our digital solutions range from automation and workflow to self-service portals and customer engagement apps. Download our brochure for a full list of our digital and software capabilities. 

We also deliver a range of software solutions, whatever sector you work in, including:

Online applications and business processes

We offer a range of digital solutions designed to transform how organisations operate.

  • Apps - we offer a flexible app development and management console to help organisations create their own bespoke smartphone apps to help achieve convenient, two-way communication with customers.
  • Moving customers online - with our integrated online portal, customers can self-serve via a range of channels to best suit them, to share information and transact with you in a cost-efficient and more customer-friendly way.
  • Digital payment collection - we provide a choice of convenient, easy-to-use and highly secure digital payment methods making it easy for customers to pay for goods or services, and improving their experience.

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Data analytics

Our analytics solutions save valuable resource, decrease the likelihood of error and create true automation.

From forecasting and planning to report automation, we’ve worked with many of the UK’s leading businesses as well as in the public sector. We create business analytics solutions that allow businesses and organisations to find the information that they need, exactly when they need it. Our job is to piece the puzzle together, to let our clients see the bigger picture.

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Workforce management

We can help manage your workforce in as automated a way as possible, improving efficiency, saving administration time, reducing overall labour costs and removing human error from the equation. This, coupled with powerful reporting tools, greatly enhances management analysis and reporting ability.

The result is that our time and attendance systems have been proven to save organisations 3% per annum on wage bills.

Our solutions cover:

  • absence, attendance, and scheduling software
  • networked time and attendance terminals - including biometric systems
  • mobile and remote clocking options, including self-service apps
  • data dashboards for real-time MI and analysis.

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