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Customer management

As well as improving customers’ experience, reducing costs and speeding up processes, we can help transform your entire service, adapt to digital advances and move to a single-customer view.

We can manage all customer interactions for your organisation, improving your responsiveness, while saving you money. Our expertise covers every channel and we’ve worked with household names including O2, Debenhams, Volkswagen, British Gas, William Hill, DWP and the National Trust.

Our services are all based on a thorough analysis of your organisation and its objectives. We tailor the services precisely to your requirements so that you are paying only for what you need and impacting only the processes that need attention. And we can provide the people, technology and premises.

In 2015, we won Business Process Outsourcing Contract of the Year and Telecommunications, Utilities and High-Tech Outsourcing Project of the Year Award in the National Outsourcing Awards (NOA) and Best Outsourcing Partnership in the CCA Excellence Awards.

Omni-channel customer service and support

We work with a wide range of clients who recognise the fundamental importance of consistently excellent customer service. They have all benefitted from our ability to transform the way their customers experience them. Our outsourced services consist of everything from handling general enquiries, billing queries and customer service, to running helpdesks and advice lines, complaints handling and case management. We're also experts at spotting opportunities to turn a service call into a revenue generating sales opportunity through cross-selling and up-selling.

We also provide customer service and channel shift solutions specifically for local government.

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Sales and customer acquisition

By effectively using sales campaigns, lead generation, telemarketing and experienced account management skills, we can help your organisation grow and generate more revenue by assisting you in the acquisition of new customers. 

Using our expert knowledge, we’re able to ensure we recruit the right people and provide the right environment for both yours and their needs. And to support the front-line effort of our agents, we’ll equip them with the best of modern techniques to make sure they’re talking to people most likely to buy and reducing time spent chasing those who aren’t.

Debt collection

We deliver specialist services across the debt lifecycle – from early stage collections, debt recovery, legal recovery, to late stage, involving enforcement. Our unique end-to-end debt collection capability provides the consolidation of debt suppliers, enabling us to work with your customers from the moment they apply for credit, to the point the debt is cleared. 

Our flexible, scalable support will be tailored to meet the particular needs of your business and your customers. We’re able to offer: early collections, debt recovery (DCA), litigation, enforcement and an end-to-end solution. 

Each year, we collect around £29bn on behalf of clients and handle over 15 million contacts. We are regulated by the FCA and treating customers fairly is embedded into our values. We understand the importance of protecting your brand reputation.

Customer retention and revenue growth

We can help you keep your customers and maximise the revenue you can expect from them. It’s a far more cost effective way to grow your business than acquiring new customers.

We can offer you a full understanding of the customer lifecycle – and how it varies by sector, demographic group and product or service. And we use sophisticated analysis to ensure we are offering each customer what they are most likely to buy – while maximising the income.

We use a mix of outbound campaigns and sales-through-service techniques, all supported by appropriate technology and on-the-job training that’s second to none.

Technical support

We can provide high-quality, responsive and accurate technical support to your customers. Our range of complete support service packages can be applied to a variety of industries – from mobile to automotive. The packages offer a full range of support options and we train our teams comprehensively in the technologies they are supporting, ensuring they have first-hand experience of the products.

Customer communications

We can inform, fine tune or help to redesign your customer communications strategy to deliver significant business benefits including streamlined operations, reduced costs and happier customers.

Our services include transactional print and mail through to designing and implementing multichannel customer communications strategies. We manage multichannel customer communications for some of the UK’s most prolific public and private sector organisations. From council tax bills and medical correspondence to customer statements we can securely convert your data into personalised customer communications and send them on their way via mail, AR, text, email or online.

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