Providing effective collections for your business

At Capita, we have decades of experience in collections and can work together with you to find the solution that best fits your exact needs. With our proven track record of innovative technology, deep expertise in collections operations and powerful business analytics we can help your business to achieve your goals.

Some consumers have had very little or no experience of dealing with collections agents. Their interactions with the company that they now owe money to, if they had any, have probably been of a customer service nature. During this time, their emotions and stress are high. Your brand and reputation are under the spotlight. They need your support and reassurance which in turn will help them to make the suitable payment arrangements.

A managed service and partnership approach

Capita can provide either a fully managed or hybrid collections service – depending on what fits best with your business’ requirements. Our collections service can help your business to reduce costs, increase collections rates, provide a better customer experience, prevent your customers getting into debt, and be flexible to deal with the planned and unplanned demand.

You get the expertise, compliance and best practice, innovative technology, the management of agents, and, if required, the development of your total innovative collections solution.

View our webinar on how brands can navigate the opportunities and challenges of the debt collections market in the UK and Ireland

Key statistics

The largest collections service provider in the UK and Ireland


No. 1

➥ We're the largest FCA-regulated collections business in the UK



➥ in reduction of cost to serve



➥ increase in engagement with debt recovery


£5 billion

➥ How much we collect per year on behalf of our clients

Case study

Supporting Severn Trent to improve customer satisfaction

'Wonderful on tap'

Severn Trent wanted to increase customer satisfaction by delivering exceptional customer experiences, including a focus on their debt collection needs. See how they improved their cSAT, and drove additional revenues to their bottom line.

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How we can help you

These are just some of the ways we can help your organisation to benefit from human-centred collections, while reducing cost-to-serve

Women on call
Paying bills
Call centre representative
Useful resources

Guidance on how to achieve successful collections

A buyers guide to empathetic, responsive collections

This handy guide includes advice for shaping your business case and understanding the benefits versus potential risks.




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