The human-centred way to manage collections

Few of us plan to get into debt we can’t pay. So it can be a stressful and worrying experience for most people. That’s why, when a customer falls behind with payments, getting your response right is critical.

It goes without saying that you have a responsibility to follow regulatory requirements regarding fairness. In an era of always-on social media platforms you also need to consider your brand’s reputation.

Fortunately, our human-centred approach to debt collection is built on empathy, which is the best way to make customers feel supported and therefore more inclined to meet their financial obligations.

Treating people fairly - based on a clear understanding of their circumstances - helps steer them towards the right payment outcomes. It also helps you to stay compliant and maintain a reputation for first-class customer service.

Treating customers fairly in collections

How can we help you?

These are just some of the ways we can help your organisation to benefit from human-centred collections, while reducing cost-to-serve by up to 29%.


Debt prevention

Human-centred collections demand the perfect blend of talent and technology. Discover our unique combination of specially trained agents, voice-recognition software, self-serve omni-channel journeys, artificial intelligence (AI) technology, predictive data analytics and more.

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Flexible contact centres

Dealing with fluctuations in operational demand is in our DNA. Find out how we bring the flexibility you need to your contact centre, helping every service business and retailer to thrive in today’s ever-evolving marketplace.

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Personalised journeys

Providing a tailored approach can increase customer engagement by as much as 22%. Find out how our innovative technology solutions enable customers to self-serve and agents to provide empathic, flexible and relevant support.

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A buyers guide to collections

To help you select human-centred collections services, we’ve developed a handy buyer’s guide, offering useful facts and advice around shaping your business case, and understanding the benefits and potential risks.

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Outcome-focused innovation

Making better use of data, analytics and technology has numerous benefits. Learn how our innovative tech enhances performance, improves productivity, boosts collection rates, and enables agents to achieve the best payment outcomes.

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Getting started with Capita

For those clients considering working with us to enhance collections, this short guide outlines the consultancy services in our health check, so you know exactly what to expect from us.

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How can we help your business

What’s the latest thinking in your industry?

A whole new approach to collections is helping the utilities industry to solve its customer satisfaction challenges.

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Banks have found four new ways to increase customer loyalty with fair, flexible and empathetic collections.

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Rethinking collections is providing the telecoms industry with a new lever to help drive customer loyalty.

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Contact centre management

Our resources and expertise enable us to provide contact centre solutions for some of the UK’s leading companies. Whether you’d like us to run an entire contact centre service or simply help with overflow calls at peak times, we’re here to help.

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Customer acquisition and retention

We offer you advanced online and telephony technology to help you gain and retain customers. The combination of powerful analytics and our highly trained and empathic teams mean we deliver results that consistently boost your bottom line.

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Customer experience systems and software

Our investment in the latest technology enables us to detect the warning signs of financial distress, to make collections proactive as well as reactive. This makes it more cost-effective for you to interact with customers; saving time and money as well as improving outcomes.

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