Navigating a new era of smart retailing

Retail is in an age of transformation where staying ahead demands vision and clarity.

At Capita, we’re experts in creating seamless retail experiences. We look at the big picture, to make every small moment count. We're helping the retail industry meet increasing consumer expectations with services which improve online and in-store performance.

Capita keeps your business in front.

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Improvement in online conversion rate with predictive analytics

Many not-so-happy returns

We look at how retailers can reduce the cost, waste, and environmental impact of returns with a combination of new thinking and new technology.

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Retailers can avoid dark times on Black Friday

Against the current cost-of-living crisis, we look at how retailers seeking success on Black Friday will need to be more strategic than ever.

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Making digital payment

Retail customers are shifting from experience to participation and ownership

As everyone looks to make their money go further, retail brands are navigating raised operating costs, ongoing supply chain pressures and narrowing profit margins.

We’ve been working with leading consultancy Future Collective to produce an in-depth report for the retail industry, identifying growth opportunities over the next 24 months and providing insights into what consumers are looking for, how retail can strengthen emotional relationships with their brand and how they can meet today’s expectation of personalisation.

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At Capita, we create seamless retail experiences. We look at the big picture, to make every small moment count, strengthening businesses so they can adapt as markets and customer demand continue to change.

Our expertise in analytics and insight powers our understanding of your customers’ behaviours, pinch points and unmet needs to help you to put people, processes, and proactive projects in place to exceed customer expectations and support your success.

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