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The telecoms industry continues to face seismic changes. Long-established business models and ways of working are being disrupted by digisation, commoditisation of access and connectivity services, plus the advent of 5G and fixed-mobile convergence. 

Meanwhile, new entrants to the market are snapping at incumbents' heels with innovative business models and technologies.

The transformation of existing business models, revenue streams and technology is now urgent.

Every day we're helping operators to create better customer experiences, tackle the challenges of transforming their OSS and BSS legacy and help to plan, design, and implement more flexible and resilient networks to ensure that the future communication needs of society are met.

Transforming customer service through visual IVR

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Insight-Improving customer experience by learning from everyday interactions

Our thinking

Improving customer experience by learning from everyday interactions

When moving from voice to digital, customers want a simple, seamless solution.

Capita and O2 have worked together since 1992 and, over that time, have collaborated closely to overcome the challenges of rising customer expectations and disruptive technologies. O2 wanted to further improve and join up the self service experience for customers, so they could move from voice to digital and reduce the time needed on the phone.

Developing and implementing Visual IVR was a complex project, involving Telefónica UK (the company behind O2), Capita and third-party suppliers.

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