Our clients leverage our experience and expertise to meet the challenges of industry disruption whilst remaining at the forefront of the fourth revolution.
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Helping our clients transform from traditional telcos to agile digital services providers

The industry continues to face seismic changes. Established telco-centric business models and ways of working are being disrupted by digital transformation, the Internet of Things, and the rapid adoption of 5G and fixed-mobile convergence.

Meanwhile, new entrants to the market are snapping at incumbents' heels with legacy-free business models and technologies.

The transformation from infrastructure-bound telco to agile communications technology provider is now urgent.

At Capita, we're helping our clients on this journey, creating frictionless, personalised customer experiences; training and upskilling people; and transforming operations to ensure they are ready to meet the future needs of a digital society.


managers and employees trained with award-winning programmes for BT


contact centre agents providing telco customer and technical support across 3 continents

15% to 30%

exceeding benchmark targets for Plusnet

Join us at the Total Telecom Congress 2021 - Stand 3

Meet us in person at the Business Design Centre, London on 26th and 27th October

The Total Telecom Congress remains the leading conference to understand the evolution of telco business models, explore new revenue streams and cutting edge technologies, and meet the thought-leaders who are reshaping your industry.

Once you’ve registered, why not let us know in advance if you’d like to meet up so we can put time aside to discuss your specific requirements. Click here


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Supporting the telecoms industry through Covid-19

We face unprecedented circumstances: the UK is fully reliant on internet connectivity to access vital information and minimise the disruption caused by Covid-19.

At Capita, we’re here to help you support your operations, your people and your customers. Find out more about the services and solutions we have designed to help the telecoms industry respond.


Our track record in telecoms

Capita enjoys long standing relationships with the leading telecoms businesses across UK and Europe.

From supporting innovation and development to providing full business process outsource services, we have helped our customers helped improve the service and experience they offer, simplify processes and generate revenue. Find out more about our track record in telecoms.

Tomorrow's workforce

The changing shape of the telecoms team

The pace of change is accelerating, driven by digital transformation and the new norms we must face post Covid-19. The telecoms industry must meet the multiple challenges of transforming their own organisations, supporting their customers and publicly and successfully driving innovation across UK Plc.

This report assesses the impact these changes will have on the telecoms industry workforce, and considers the skills, roles and structures that the industry will need to remain competitive and relevant in tomorrow’s digital world.

The reskilling revolution


The world of work and learning has undergone a seismic shift in recent years.

The ever-growing role and power of technology has created more access and opportunity than ever before, whilst numerous studies have shown that the need for an adaptable skills set has become ever more urgent. Whatever your perspective, it’s clear that change is needed - and fast.

Find out more about what this means for the telecoms industry.

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Customer experience

Our success is built on over 40 years of understanding your market and your customers and truly transforming clients’ customer management operations.

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Our clients across sectors already trust us to deliver, 35 million people every day are touched by the services we provide.

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Digital transformation

Transforming public services through dependable technology solutions and consistent service excellence.

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David Homer

Senior Client Partner

David has extensive experience supporting the telecoms and technology sectors through periods of change and transformation. In addition, he is an official advisor to the Welsh Government on how best to exploit 5G for the benefit of citizens and businesses.


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