Transform services sustainably by understanding those life moments that matter

You’re involved in some of the most pivotal moments in your customers’ lives – from helping them to work from home, talk to loved ones, browse the internet, purchase a new phone or, in the current climate, supporting them during financial difficulty. They’re all moments that really matter. So how can you make them perfect?

As telecoms, media and technology (TMT) companies move from being providers of technology to having a more meaningful purpose in people’s lives, we know the focus is on building richer, more rewarding customer relationships which is how we help navigate the unique and evolving challenges of a complex and regulated industry. That’s why so many TMT companies partner with us to transform customers’ experiences. 

Based on these strategic partnerships, we’ve put together a selection of insights and reports which consider how organisations can become more resilient and efficient, taking care of their customers one at a time to keep them connected, protected and satisfied.

Key statistics

In numbers: Capita and the telecoms, media & technology industry


contact centre agents providing telco customer and technical support across three continents


managers and employees trained with award-winning programmes for BT


collections increase for a major UK broadcaster


savings over 10 year contract term for a major UK telco

Our Managing Director’s latest blog

Using a data-driven approach for success in telecommunications

As declining household incomes hit consumers’ budgets and we see utility bills targeted as areas to cut discretionary spend,  telecoms and media service providers have an ever-increasing challenge to protect their brand and demonstrate that they’re protecting their customers’ data.

We consider how they can lead by example by correctly billing customers, and how data analytics, tracing and remediation can assist and build strong brand reputation.

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Featured highlights

Changing customer service for a virtual world

The metaverse could be revolutionary for those looking for the retail and customer experience platform of the future.

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Six empathic tactics for telecoms collections teams

Today’s collections agents need to show customers they care – we share some practical steps teams can take to support this strategy of empathy.

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We must listen to customers’ emotions as well as their words

Customer service agents work in a challenging environment but it’s possible to make that easier by changing how we listen to customers.

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Will customers really pay more for better customer service?

The UKSCI report suggests a growing number of customers are prepared to pay more for better service. Our article explores this further.

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Webinar replays for telecoms, media and technology operators

Virtual roundtable replay

Make way for the metaverse; planning for the new CX universe

The Metaverse could be revolutionary for telecoms, media and technology organisations looking for an alternative retail and customer experience platform. After all, the metaverse is largely a representation of the data that companies collect about their customers, and that data is a top CX priority for executives.

What will you learn?

  • What are Web3 and metaverses?
  • What are the opportunities and challenges for brands?
  • How does the customer experience fit into this new paradigm?
  • How can organisations improve the management of customer data?


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Virtual roundtable replay

Supporting vulnerable customers whilst balancing commercial demands

In the context of a changing macro-economic climate, rising energy prices and tightening consumer budgets, communications service providers (CSPs) are having more difficult conversations with their vulnerable customers when it comes to collections.

Organisations must navigate this complicated landscape with empathy: getting the balance right - between driving meaningful business, brand protection, achieving better customer outcomes and building customer loyalty - is a key differentiator.

We partnered with Total Telecom to host a virtual roundtable which explores how organisations can provide ease, empathy, and innovation in the collections process.

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Video: Shaping tomorrow together

From resolving over three million regulated complaints to handling over five million connect calls, find out why so many of our financial services clients trust us to be their long-term strategic partner.

Our expertise

We understand the fragile bond between telecommunications, media and technology (TMT) companies and their customers because we’ve experienced it first-hand, delivering customer services via our expert agents whilst continuing to enhance experience with the innovative technology of tomorrow. 

From introducing automation at scale, to applying our powerful data and analytics tools to help you understand and predict behaviour, our consulting-led digital solutions are transforming our telecoms clients’ businesses from the inside out.


Explore our services for telecoms, media and technology companies

Services for telecoms, media and tech companies

Interesting reads

How we can help: our solutions for telecoms, media and technology customers


Customer experience

We’re trusted by well-known brands to transform experience, even when people’s complex relationship with remaining connected means having to work harder so they feel good about touchpoints with you.



How you respond to those falling behind with payments is critical for brand reputation and ensuring customers feel supported to pay. Find out about our FCA-authorised, human-centred collections services.


Complaints handling

From standing up entire contact centres to providing flexible support at peak times, we’re experts in making sure customers feel better about dealing with you, even when something’s wrong.


Data and analytics

We leverage data sources to provide real time analytics from social media and voice channels, so you can better understand customer behaviour, journey pain points and trends to make transformational improvements.

Learning & development

Learning & development

We help you improve customer experience by developing a learning strategy that creates better outcomes for your organisation, employees and customers, supporting with compelling learning content, technology and data.


Assisted conversations

Serve customers better with AI-driven tech that analyses conversations and automatically helps agents to identify the best solutions to queries.


Conversational AI chatbots

Smart chatbots simulate real conversations to help meet demand so you can improve customer satisfaction, whilst reducing call handling time and service costs.

Expert spotlight

Mark Billingham

Mark Billingham

MD for Telco, Media and Technology, Capita

Mark was previously Group Customer Care and Experience Director & COO of Financial Services at The Very Group, the UK’s largest integrated online retailer and financial services business. He’s had a varied career spanning 15+ years across operational and outsource management, transformation and customer experience, including at Vodafone and British Gas. Under Mark’s leadership the Very Group was recognised at the European Call Centre awards for their customer transformation programme which in 2 years improved brand NPS by 30 points, tnps by 90 points, first contact resolution by 30 points and reduced overall customer contact and cost by over 70%.

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