Contact centre services tailored to your brands and needs

Capita can supply the people, technology and premises for all types of contact management, including customer services, payments, complaints, advice lines and emergency response. Our employee engagement programmes ensure our agents feel closely aligned to your brand and customer experience ethos. We tailor services, so you only pay for what you need, and offer cost-effective options such as offshore contact centres. We’re also experts at turning customer calls into cross-selling opportunities.

We’re currently serving more than 50 of the UK’s largest brands, including the BBC, National Trust and O2. By outsourcing customer service to us, companies are saving up to 40% in costs. Find out we can help your business below.

Contact management services

Multilingual customer support

We have developed a cohort of strong, experienced, committed and highly skilled employees with excellent customer care and communication skills at all our sites. New clients will benefit hugely from leveraging this group’s particular skill-sets.

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Contact centres

We are a trusted partner for the UK’s biggest brands. With contact centres based right across the UK and a mature offshore delivery model that spans South Africa, Poland and India.

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Operational excellence

We invest in practical, operational solutions - built from the contact centre floor up. Solutions that answer real problems for real customers, day in and day out.

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Messaging and alerting software

We work with a wide range of emergency service providers – ambulance trusts, fire and rescue services, and police forces – supplying a range of mission-critical solutions and support services.

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Insurance claims management

Our experienced insurance professionals are able to offer a wide variety of claims services to our customers, including Lloyd’s, London Market Claims and niche loss types. We have a legally qualified team of expert claims handlers and binder management specialists.

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Contact centre support

Our tools give a 360-degree view of the customer, allowing your organisation to track, oversee, organise, manage and monitor every customer interaction.

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Customer experience transformation

Trusted by some of the largest brands and public-sector organisations in the UK, we have a long track record of designing better customer experiences that really fit companies' needs.

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Customer acquisition and retention

We make finding and keeping your customers much easier. Providing advanced online and telephony technology, powerful analytics and highly trained teams, we deliver results that will boost your bottom line.

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Customer experience systems and software

At Capita, we’re using the latest technology to make it easier for you to interact with customers, while saving money, time and improving your business outcomes.

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