Disruptive times

Our priority at Capita is to protect the well-being of our colleagues, clients and partners – and to carry on serving the communities and societies in which we operate. 

Despite the uncertainty we are all facing across the world, our business operations are resilient. Our colleagues across Capita are doing everything they can to carry on serving our clients and helping them to maintain the vital services they provide to customers and citizens.

Homeworking and remote solutions for colleagues are being introduced, where possible, to ensure the delivery of critical services. In cases where office-based or on-location working is still necessary as part of our client and customer service, we are fully committed to make sure the well-being of our colleagues remains of the utmost importance.

Business and supplier preparedness are central to our approach to this crisis, and we have robust measures in place to ensure provide service for our clients.

Each Capita division has a dedicated Pandemic Planning Team to ensure we maintain our operations and capabilities as the situation evolves.

We are here to serve our clients – from national governments to major consumer-facing brands – with additional capacity and resilience to meet the rapidly changing demands of these extraordinarily unpredictable times.

Message from Jon Lewis

Our CEO, Jon Lewis, has sent a message from his home to all colleagues at Capita with his thoughts on what the current crisis means for us at Capita and as individuals. Please do take a few moments to watch it.

Jon Lewis, CEO at Capita
“I am so proud of what we are doing, together, to respond to this crisis – supporting one another and keeping colleagues safe, and helping our clients sustain the essential services that millions of people rely on every day.  Thank you for everything you have done - and continue to do - at this most difficult of times. We are in this together, and we will get through it together.”

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Digital insight

Our daily lives are being transformed fundamentally by the Covid-19 pandemic. Making sense of a mass of evolving information shared through multiple sources is tough.

Using cutting-edge technology, Monatair, part of Capita Consulting, has brought together trusted information from across the globe into a single source. Refreshing every 3 hours, this dashboard will allow you to interact and explore current trends.

The fully interactive dashboard draws in data from sources including WHO, NHS and Monatair - our unique social media analytics tool. You are now able to track, not only key health information but can delve into the sentiment, tone and locality (within the UK) of the millions of social media posts on the Coronavirus.

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Environments, customers, and competitors are changing more rapidly than ever. This pandemic is only exacerbating the work, skills and technology problems we all face. So, it’s no longer enough to rely on the same strategy and expect leaner, faster outcomes – instead, innovation needs to be accelerated in an entirely new way.

That’s why Capita Consulting is leading in digital transformation. We have assembled a vast team of data scientists, engineers, analytics, automation, IoT experts and software developers, to build on our deep expertise in both public and private sectors.

We are also developing our own proprietary technology. One of our exciting products is Monatair, which is utilised in this COVID-19 dashboard. With contractual access to multiple data sources, Monatair allows you to build bespoke queries, filter out noise, receive alerts and build tailored dashboards. This ultimately enables you to analyse, spot patterns, track trends and unearth unknown risks or opportunities.

We have leveraged our strong data science capability alongside natural language processing to explore emotional tone and identify the most common questions on social media.

We will regularly refresh the dashboard, with new updates and add to the existing sources and content. We hope you find it useful. Please get in touch if you want to find out more about our data and analytics expertise, or how open data could help your organisation transform its insights.

Visit www.monatair.com or follow us @monatair on Twitter.

Data sources: - with thanks to: Johns Hopkins UniversityWorld Health Organisation and Gov.uk


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