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Police forces and the judiciary are focused on keeping vital services running as efficiently and effectively as possible, whilst protecting the vulnerable and helping to reduce crime in their communities.

As strategic partners with the Ministry of Justice, the Home Office, Ireland’s Department of Justice and over 30 police forces throughout the UK, we’re collaboratively designing, building and implementing innovative human-centred solutions. These include introducing technology such as data and automation, transforming processes and providing expert people resources to improve outcomes for the police, the judiciary and the wider public.

From reducing operational risk and freeing up police officers’ time through smart data and joined-up workflows, to supporting wider adoption of non-custodial sentencing options and enabling offenders to reintegrate into society at the earliest opportunity, we’re supporting safer communities.

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Our work

How we’re helping to deliver better outcomes

Every day we're supporting emergency service providers and the justice system to do one of the most important jobs in a civil society – keeping communities safe.

From helping to reduce congestion in prisons and advancing the rehabilitation of offenders with our electronic monitoring service to providing vital support to help police forces reduce operational risk and increase effectiveness, we’re delivering better outcomes for society, citizens and subjects.

    To allow the police to focus on victims and catch perpetrators of domestic abuse, stalking and honour based violence, we transferred the existing paper based process into an augmented digital workflow with app.

    We used our business processing expertise to streamline the journey with intelligent routing of questions and pre population of information from Police data.

    The new system also included a flagging system and tracked any deviations from expected flows and outcomes to ensure consistency and audit logs. The new system allows officers to focus on victims and not paperwork.

    Research by Manchester Met University found that of the 600,000 forms completed each year in the Greater Manchester area, around 190 full-time equivalent policing hours are lost through administration. This is time and attention that needs to be directed toward by some of the most vulnerable people that the police encounter.

    As part of its commitment to ensure the professional development of officers, staff and volunteers in the digital sphere, the College of Policing needed to implement an engaging and thought-provoking learning and development course. To this end, we designed a gamified, ‘point-and-click’ digital series called Op Modify.

    Participants found the series  informative, easy to follow and engaging, and many noticed a real development in the way they used digital opportunities after completing the training. In evaluation feedback, as part of the programme review:

    • 100% of those surveyed said they would recommend the training to a colleague
    • 99% felt their confidence had increased
    • 97% said the course was a useful way to learn.

    Facing reductions in funding, an ever-changing demand for service, increasing public expectations, evolving and complex crime types and new political initiatives, police forces need to be able to do more with less. To enable this, Greater Manchester Police knew that it needed to get more value from its data, to answer important questions and solve critical problems. But with data residing in disparate legacy systems, disconnected and often inaccessible, this was proving to be a challenge.

    We worked closely with Greater Manchester Police to implement a new data-led solution that improves performance, drives efficiencies and cuts crime by delivering trusted information to the fingertips of decision-makers and their teams. To do this, we brought together data from across the Force, into a single trusted source. This data warehouse allows GMP to better report and analyse vital information, and interacts with a new, integrated Operational Policing System (iOPS) system. A Legacy Data Store was built, including search functionality from live system to legacy data, while powerful Business Intelligence delivers ongoing management information through an extensive suite of dashboards and automated reports.

    The new, future-proof solution replaced GMP’s existing, aged, management reporting platform. It fuses structured and unstructured data from 18 different sources, joining up reporting across the whole Force - from stop & search to arrest/custody data, and from prosecution to case management. By enabling the agile analyse of information it allows the force to spot patterns and identify their causes.

    • Scheduled reporting
    • Multi-page, drillable dashboards
    • Ad hoc reporting
    • Dynamic response to changes in business requirements
    • Scalable Data Warehouse, structured to allow additional data sources to be added quickly and easily


    The new data warehouse allowed us to streamline and automate analysis and performance reporting processes through a suite of engaging reports and dashboards. In doing so, not only did we meet the demands of operational policing, but we also helped GMP react better to Home Office requirements, Data Protection and GDPR.

    By giving Greater Manchester Police better access to reliable and accurate data, the new solution supports staff and officers, encouraging better decision- making, and giving GMP the answers they need to fight crime more effectively.

    We are helping draw together 40+ different data sources from across 8 legacy regional force to a single integrated system. In collaboration with Police Scotland, we developed a migration strategy that was achievable, flexible and repeatable and demonstrated this by delivering a Proof of Concept migration using one of the legacy systems.

    In creating the data migration service we utilised advanced Extract, Transform & Load methods (drawing on the full Microsoft ETL stack), alongside the skills and knowledge of our policing Subject Matter Experts.

    Having initially worked with the Force to deliver an overall data migration strategy, we’ve developed and are now delivering the data migration service.  We’ve been successfully migrating the legacy data region by region since 2021 and will complete in early 2023.

    Project ReMAKE helps prison leavers by offering them business and education opportunities helping expose them to new possibilities. It also works with organisations to change perceptions about the formally incarcerated or people with criminal convictions.

    Capita is a proud contributor to the scheme, offering placements, training and support for those seeking new opportunities.

    “I was referred to Project ReMake by Working Chance an organisation that helps women with convictions gain their confidence back and also with getting into paid employment and or training. I would say the day that I started on the programme was the day my life changed. It had been ages since I had come out of prison, but I was still paying for that… I also did voluntary work just to get experience which is what every employer kept asking from me only after they saw my DBS. 

    Fast forward to now, after falling and rising…Project ReMake got me doing an entrepreneurial course and then got me into a paid placement with Capita Plc. My placement finished, but Capita saw the potential in me and kept me on…it is not how you fall but how you learn from it and rise…I will forever be grateful".

    Nancy, ReMAKE course 2021

    The sheer scale of social media data presents a significant challenge for police forces trying to safeguard their communities.

    Manual monitoring of social media data is impractical and inefficient as it would take a researcher years to read all the posts from just a single day. COSAIN is our social media analysis and research toolkit, developed over a decade by UK ex-law enforcement open-source intelligence professionals to address the challenges faced when searching and analysing vast amounts of data. COSAIN can search for and analyse data in near real-time and provide insight that is both granular and geographically relevant.

    COSAIN gives first responders and security professionals daily access to online information to help safeguard vulnerable people, and to identify risks and threats. Combining data extraction, filtering and predictive analytics to allow quick identification of relevant social media content, it also includes trend data, geo-mapping, and advanced text analytics-based enrichment.

    COSAIN is a secure SaaS solution with privacy and security at its core, and we provide bespoke data sharing options between team members and key decision makers. All actions are audited and available to supervisors, whilst 24/7 email and phone support is provided by our security-vetted team 365 days a year.

    COSAIN is currently being used by the majority of police forces in the UK to reduce threat, risk, and harm, provide insight, and to enhance engagement, reassurance, and trust with local communities.

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    Our solutions

    How we help police forces and the judiciary

    Digital policing maturity assessment

    Police Forces across the UK are undertaking digital transformation programmes at different paces to meet their unique requirements.

    To support forces we’ve designed a maturity assessment of 10 questions to help similar forces benchmark where they are on their journey, understand areas for improvement and advise potential solutions to maximise investment. Results are confidential and only shared with the force completing the assessment.

    Our solutions for police forces and the judiciary

    Electronic monitoring and tagging services

    Moving people forward in justice and policing together

    From delivering electronic tagging services to help people with sobriety, to supporting rehabilitation, we’re a proven, trusted partner for electronic monitoring services.

    We blend a focus on helping to reduce reoffending with a longer-term focus on a society free from crime and the causes of it, from supporting ex-prisoners into employment, to education programmes for potential domestic abusers. We’re primed to apply that unique expertise to transform the future of electronic tagging.

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    Information management services for police forces

    Our police information management services can digitise and centralise all your paper and disparate digital records. By applying relevant controls and leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) we make it possible for you to search, access and share large amounts of otherwise inaccessible information within your forces more efficiently and quickly. This means you can spend more time focusing on what matters most – solving crimes and supporting victims.

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    Our solutions for police forces and the judiciary

    Services to enhance citizen experience

    Learning & development
    Citizen experience transformation
    Digital connectivity
    Our solutions for police forces and the judiciary

    Services to help you improve efficiency and reduce costs

    Fund disbursement
    Procurement transformation
    Digital policing transformation
    Our solutions for police forces and the judiciary

    Technology services to help you stay ahead

    Cyber security
    IT services

    Why Capita?

    We’re unique in expertise, breadth and scale

    Our public sector knowledge, insights, scale and strong client relationships, combined with a proven ability to deliver complex technology enabled BPS transformation and service delivery sets us apart. It’s something we’re really proud of and means we can deliver better outcomes for citizens every day.

    Easy pathways to procure with us

    We’re registered on almost 100 different public sector procurement frameworks under various Public Buying Organisations (PBOs) and Framework Management Authorities so it’s easy to do business with us. 

    World-leading technology and software

    Our world-leading technology and software includes robotic process automation, smart artificial intelligence and big data analytics. We’ve a strong partner eco-system with MS Azure, AWS, Salesforce, Google Cloud, Mulesoft and other selected PaaS, SaaS and IaaS providers, as well as with selected third party providers for key technology components for clients.

    We’re experience experts

    With citizens at the heat of all we do, we handle millions of multi-channel interactions each day, connecting people and places and enabling secure digital connections to over 15 million homes. With access to over 25,000 customer experience specialists, our unified field force, professional management systems and our software and digital delivery centres in the UK and India, we’re ideally placed to transform citizen experience.

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