The NHS faces an unprecedented people challenge, not just in attracting staff but also in retaining people and ensuring they’re able to deliver the best they can in often difficult circumstances.

With the need to improve staff mobility and for staff to take on new roles whilst embracing the potential of digital, having the right skills is a critical success factor.

More than simply training, skills building nowadays is key to service improvement and organisational transformation. Having the right skills gives employees confidence and reducing stress, forming an important area of the wellbeing agenda.

We have extensive experience of delivering skills development services in high-pressure public sector environments such as healthcare, including corporate learning and apprenticeships. Our work covers not only task skills, but also those increasingly important soft skills, such as creativity, emotional intelligence and decision-making. For healthcare organisations facing strategic challenges, our learning solutions enable skills to form part of your coordinated response.

Key statistics

In numbers: learning and development in health


➥  Nursing vacancies in 2022, a record high according to the Kings Fund.

Just 55.1%

➥  How many NHS staff are able to access the right learning and development opportunities when they need to.


➥  Top-performing organisations reported their face-to-face training integrates learning technologies.


➥  L&D teams cite feeling overwhelmed and underequipped  for the challenges facing them in 2022.

Focus on apprenticeships

Investing in upskilling and reskilling people through tailored apprenticeships can help you to create a more motivated, skilled, and qualified workforce that enables your organisation to excel and grow in a rapidly changing world.


We'll work with you to design, develop and deliver a highly effective apprenticeship programme that builds a stronger workforce and addresses the skills gaps you have now, and those you're likely to have in future.


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Services to skill and empower your people

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Case studies

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Clinical training for mass testing

We provided digital learning to enable use of the lateral flow devices during the pandemic and facilitated the national rollout of testing sites as a result, training over 500,000 people in the process.

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