Building flexibility into critical services to meet fluctuating demand

Service demands on local government continue to grow. This, alongside the continuing need to deliver in line with statutory standards, means local authorities face an increasing challenge when it comes to delivering reliable services and meeting citizen expectations. 

Often the problem is that there simply aren’t enough people on the ground in terms of in-house skills and experience. This then leads to backlogs in service requests, resulting in citizens having to wait longer for the support they need, not to mention the additional strain being put on existing teams to carry the load.
These pressures are making it more important than ever to build greater resilience into public services so that local authorities can build services at pace and scale, maintaining a flexible structure which can respond to unexpected events and fluctuating demand.

Key statistics

In numbers: how Capita helps to build resilience into services

14,000 hours

➥ planning resilience support delivered every month.


➥ out of hours emergency call centre transactions handled each year.

£5.4bn revenue

➥ We collect each year on behalf of local authorities.



Local government report: Roadmap to resilience

Local authorities are under increasing pressures to respond quickly, and at scale, to fluctuating demands and unexpected events in their local communities. 

Managing such expectations and maintaining day-to-day services at the required standards can become intensely challenging, leaving little time to drive innovation, reimagine services and transform operations to meet the future needs of local communities. 

In our report we consider how all of this, and more, can be achieved by building resilience. We examine the issues facing local government today and look at how councils can ensure the right resources are available.

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Resounding resilience in local government

Our video considers strategic resilience and how it helps in terms of mission-critical services.



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Hear from our customers

Hyndburn Borough Council,

Planning and Transportation team

With Capita’s help we’ve been able to provide a more resilient and responsive building control service to our customers. We’ve improved our turnaround times for plan checking and site inspections and now have the capability to deal with all types of technically-complex projects.

How we help to build resilience into critical public services

Our resilience service offers flexible access to experienced people with no long-term contracts, taking the strain off mission-critical services by providing a team of experts to join your teams. 

With expertise in council tax and business rate collection, rent management, planning, building control, property/estate management, housing benefit payments, emergency out of hours customer service, service transformation, data and analytics management and employee training, we offer:

    Dial our service up and down as needed, so you can access support when you have an increase in demand and remove it when you don’t.

    Easy access to a national pool of highly qualified service experts without the need to recruit a team of contractors.

    Choose a delivery model that suits your needs, with services you can increase or reduce without the need for complex, long-term contracts.

    We can help meet immediate skills needs and also help you plan for the long-term using diagnostics to predict future service demand.

    Find out more about our resilience services for local authorities:
    Case studies

    Read about our work

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    Our thinking

    Going long: The sustainability of local government finances in the 2020s 

    A discussion of the implications of the 2021 spending review to deliver for people and place.

    Embedding service resilience in a post-pandemic world

    Catch up on the findings of the MJ/Capita roundtable debate on resilience and what’s been learned in the last 2 years.

    Local government planning services: it’s all about flexibility, not size

    We explore the growing trend of dynamic commissioning and why it could relieve recruitment headaches.

    Improving productivity and citizen experience

    Productivity in local government

    Free valuable resources to focus on what matters

    We help you use data, technology and our process knowhow to make local public services more effective so you’re free to focus on what really matters.

    Citizen experience in local government

    Deliver insightful services to reach better outcomes

    We help you provide fast, easy access to employment, housing, funding, community spaces and social services to support better citizen outcomes.

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