You’re involved in some of the most pivotal moments in your customers’ lives – from helping them to work from home, talk to loved ones, browse the internet, purchase a new phone, or supporting them during financial difficulty. They’re all moments that really matter. So how can you make them perfect?

Just as telecoms, media and technology (TMT) companies move from being providers of technology to having a more meaningful purpose in people’s lives, the bond between them and their customers is increasingly under threat. The reality is that people’s connection to their provider isn’t just physical, it’s emotional – and fragile.

We understand this. We’re trusted by service providers and technology clients to navigate the unique and evolving challenges of a complex, regulated industry as we help them build richer, more rewarding customer relationships, all the while aligning to those all-important moments. 

From our consulting-led digital services to introducing automation at scale and applying our powerful data and analytics tools to help you understand and predict behaviour, we’re transforming our telecoms clients’ businesses from the inside out.  As your strategic partner, we help you reinvent yourself as a people-centred brand, rather than a technology business, focused on your purpose as inclusive, responsible enablers of a better-connected future for everyone.

Key statistics

In numbers: Capita and the telecoms, media and technology industry


5 of the top 10

➥ We work with some of the largest telcos in Europe


12,000 contact centre agents

➥ providing telco customer & technical support across 3 continents


#1 Ofcom rated provider

➥ for customer service for 7 years in a row

About Capita

Why telecoms, media and technology companies are choosing Capita

We’re great to do business with

We create agile operational models that flex to fluctuating demand, whilst giving customers seamless, frictionless journeys that answer their questions, solve their problems and deliver on their expectations.

We use technology in harmony with humanity

We design and build tech-enabled journeys around customers’ functional and emotional needs, enabling customers to self-serve via automation when they want to, and artificial intelligence to empower agents when customers need in-person support.

We solve problems before customers know they have them

We harness the power of AI, behavioural analytics and RPA to create data and insight-led solutions that predict customer preferences and behaviours and proactively pre-empt problems, enabling tailored, first-contact resolutions.

We’re a brand that customers believe in and are proud to champion

We create customer experiences that do the right thing –treat people with respect, value their dignity, recognise their individuality and ensure their privacy. We turn brand promises into real-life experiences that customers remember and share.

How we help – our solutions for TMT companies

Services to enhance customer experience

woman using phone and laptop
Complaint handling
Learning & development
Assisted customer conversations
checking finances
Data and analytics
How we help – our solutions for TMT companies

Services to help you improve efficiency and reduce costs

Business operations
Happy Employees
How we help – our solutions for TMT companies

Consulting diagnostics for whole-business transformation

As a strategic consulting partner, not only do we offer industry experts who specialise in problem-solving, their findings and recommendations are backed up by science – we apply the latest consulting diagnostics to ensure your next move is the right one. 

We offer the following consulting diagnostic workshops:

    We help clients move from traditional process management analysis to process mining software, providing an end to end view of your processes in near real-time.

    We have the tools to transcribe, categorise and analyse high volumes of untapped or unstructured data (such as voice calls and messages).

    Our social media, multi-platform, scanning toolsets are accessed via a bureau service providing real-time insights to address problem areas and/or grow the business.

    Our insight, quality and solution architect teams can take advantage of our comprehensive digital ecosystem to perform rapid scans which identify opportunities for customer experience improvement.

    We diagnose the true state of your cloud migration readiness and provide an achievable roadmap to cloud adoption.

    We host data discovery workshops to help businesses make sense of their data to support business cases for change, maximise return on investment in data, and drive business growth.

    Resources to help telecoms, media and technology companies transform their future

    As telecoms, media and technology (TMT) companies move from being providers of technology to having a more meaningful purpose in society and in people’s lives, we look at how they can build a richer, more rewarding relationship with their customers, and the communities they serve. 

    Our series of insights, articles, research and reports consider how telecommunications, media and technology companies can become more resilient and efficient, ready to meet the future needs of a digital society.

    Expert spotlight

    Mark Billingham

    Mark Billingham

    MD for Telco, Media and Technology, Capita

    Mark was previously Group Customer Care and Experience Director & COO of Financial Services at The Very Group, the UK’s largest integrated online retailer and financial services business. He’s had a varied career spanning 15+ years across operational and outsource management, transformation and customer experience, including at Vodafone and British Gas. Under Mark’s leadership the Very Group was recognised at the European Call Centre awards for their customer transformation programme which in 2 years improved brand NPS by 30 points, tnps by 90 points, first contact resolution by 30 points and reduced overall customer contact and cost by over 70%.

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