Delivering future skills today to the defence sector

When people enlist with the armed forces, they expect a best-in-class learning and skills programme. This is also critical to ensure skills gaps are managed and the workforce is responsive to future trends: the shortage of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) talent in the UK, and the increased need for cyber skills in modern warfare, means that designing and delivering the right training has never been so important.

We can help. As the current provider of defence managed learning services and with long-term relationships across a range of industries in the private and public sectors, we’re supporting organisations to reskill and upskill their people to meet the ever-changing requirements of the future, including:

  • planning short, medium and long-term skills strategies, balancing future demands with immediate challenges
  • linking skills development to career management and future job roles
  • designing bespoke content and delivery models to meet critical demands in your organisation and maximise engagement.

We filter this learning expertise through the lens of the defence sector, applying our knowledge and understanding of your specific challenges to tackle them head on, in partnership with you.

Training needs analysis for defence organisations


Ensuring an evidence-based approach to training needs analysis

Accurate training needs analysis is the first critical step to understanding how to develop your people to meet the needs of the military now and in the future. We understand how vital it is that this assessment is aligned to the Defence Systems Approach to Training (DSAT) standard, to ensure those who are supporting defence operations are appropriately trained and upskilled to meet the challenges ahead.

Our team of DSAT specialists review the current skills across your teams, providing both assurance and an auditable view of capabilities. We then provide evidence-based insight on what skills you need to develop and create a roadmap for skills enablement. We can also provide unique insight by pairing DSAT specialists alongside wider learning needs analysis experts to spot additional opportunities for skills development.

Training as a service

A service to help deliver your immediate needs, with an eye to the longer-term

Skills development in the defence sector is complex, often requiring a unique set of niche content and expertise. Delivering at scale to solve immediate critical challenges while ensuring the flexible support capability to deploy training can be difficult for defence organisations to manage. 

Our training as a service allows us to use the existing managed service relationship we have with the Ministry of Defence to create rapid and flexible training delivery plans, targeting the key issues you face in skills development, whether focused around design, delivery, or technology, drawing on our wide access to niche learning capability.

How it works


Training needs analysis (TNA)

Unlocking your needs

Our team of DSAT specialists will undertake a rigorous analysis, ensuring your team’s skills align to your needs.


Service design

Creating a plan that works for you

We create a flexible delivery model, applying our expertise and access to the wider market to create training packages which solve your challenges.


Training package delivery

Clear deliverables aligned to your needs

We deliver an end-to-end service including design, operational programme support, delivery management and governance.

analysing data

Assessment and review

Clear metrics for success

We build on the success of the initial training packages, reviewing against your TNA. We then focus on ensuring the service being delivered is sustainable and future proof, whether in your hands or ours.

Learning modernisation

Creating a future-proof experience

The world of work is changing and so is the way we learn: training must be targeted and cutting edge. Today’s defence organisations need access to relevant, engaging – and frequently niche - training content, but have often inherited fragmented learning environments and legacy systems, and are locked in manual processes without being able to truly harness more innovative and immersive learning technologies.


Separating your immediate needs from the longer-term transformational goal to revolutionise your entire learning offering can be daunting, but we help carve a path that’s both pragmatic and innovative. We bring in modernisation work packages at the right time, aligned to your needs to get you from A to B efficiently, focusing on the immediate goals while keeping a wider lens towards the bigger picture. We work with you to unlock a path towards learning modernisation and leverage capabilities to future-proof your learning offering and experience.

digital transformation

Agile and digital transformation

In-depth analysis, ecosystem development and migration

Immersive learning

Immersive learning

Virtual reality, augmented reality and 360° video, remote and in situ

Digital media

Digital media

Motion graphics, e-learning, sims and virtual sessions

Knowledge sharing

Knowledge sharing

Establishing a connected workforce and SME network

AI, automation & data

AI, automation & data

Analytics and artificial intelligence with defined metrics



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