Updata Infrastructure (UK) Ltd (“Updata”) is an approved domain registrar for .uk domains with Nominet UK Ltd.

Customer service information

If you need to write in, please do so at Updata Infrastructure (UK) Ltd, 65 Gresham Street, London, EC2V 7NQ, addressing your letter to your Service Contract Manager or Account Manager.

Alternatively, please email to one of the addresses below:

Email address: updatatsg@updata.net
Telephone: 01737 235 710

Email address: domains@updata.net
Telephone: 0845 565 0555

We aim to respond to your query in 5 working days.

Complaints and reporting of abuse such as phishing, spam

Please use the contact details above under customer service information. Escalation of complaints should be made to your Account Manager.

We aim to respond to your query or escalation in 5 working days.

Terms and conditions

Nominet's Terms and Conditions of Domain Name Registration can be found at http://www.nominet.uk/go/terms

Updata’s terms and conditions can be found on our purchase terms page.

Domain name administration

Domain administration is managed by Updata and unless specifically agreed otherwise, includes the connectivity services Updata provides to you. Domain administration charges (if separate) will be identified in the contract between you and Updata, including those relating to registration, renewal transfer and cancellation.

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