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Meet us in person at the Business Design Centre, London on 26th and 27th October

The Total Telecom Congress remains the leading conference to understand the evolution of telco business models, explore new revenue streams and cutting edge technologies, and meet the thought-leaders who are reshaping your industry.

This years’ event is focused on enabling the industry to deliver digital transformation, sustainability, and cultural change, complemented by exclusive content across their media platforms in 2021.We’ll be exhibiting on stand 3 and would be delighted to discuss how we can support you with transforming:

  • customer experience, both now and looking to the future
  • remote working and the digital workplace
  • employee experience
  • partnering for revenue growth


We very much look forward to meeting you there.

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Speaking slot on the customer track

Date: Tuesday 26th October
Time: 12:00pm – 12:20pm
Duration: 20 Mins
Speaker: Alan Linter, Director of Innovation, Capita Plc
Title: How does customer experience in Telecoms need to change, to acquire and retain new customers and ensure a profitable road to recovery?


Alan Linter

Alan Linter

Director of Innovation, Capita Plc


With the advent of significant mergers and acquisitions in the UK telecoms sector, the race is on to acquire customers and secure market share whilst delivering a superior brand and customer experience to retain customers.

Consumers’ dependence on digital and the appetite for more digitised experiences mean consumer priorities are different from before the pandemic. Consequently the likes of Amazon, Apple, Nordstorm – and the other gods of customer service -have been educating customers in what excellent looks and feels like.

There’s also an emerging group of vulnerable customers needing a more empathetic experience as furlough ends and many are faced with increased financial pressure. During this presentation Alan will discuss:

  • Should the focus be on branding and marketing or on superior digitised customer experiences - what’s the optimum balance?
  • How must customer experience change to meet new and emerging consumer needs to delight customers and improve efficiency?
  • What new digitised experiences will delight the customer, whilst helping operational efficiency?
  • What strategies and technologies can be adopted to demonstrate stronger empathy and inclusion for vulnerable customers?

Roundtable discussion

Date: Tuesday 26th October
Time: 12:20pm – 13:00pm 
Duration: 40 mins
Moderator: Sachin Shah, Telecoms Sector Lead, Capita 
Title: Delivering superior customer experience; what are the innovations telcos need to be exploring in next generation CX?

Sachin Shah

Sachin Shah

Telecoms Sector Lead, Capita


Creating digital experiences across tools, devices and locations has become mandatory for companies to meet and exceed customer needs and expectations. But what does a ‘digital experience’ really mean? And how can we improve this experience in telecom?

Doing it well presents an opportunity to service providers to exceed expectations, deliver services quickly, share information and prevent, rather than just react to problems. It’s also a chance to understand usage and preferences with a view to cross-sell, upsell and target new services as they’re launched.

Telecoms operators can transform how their customers experience their products and services through the design of richer, easier, immersive and contextualised user experiences.

During this session we will discuss:

  • What do your customers want in terms of a next generation experience, and what are the key ingredients for the post pandemic digital platform?
  • How do you go about a building good customer experience?
  • What are the approaches to building the business case?

Keynote speaking slot

Date: Wednesday 27th October
Time: 9:20am – 9:30am
Speaker: Tirath Virdee, Director of Artificial Intelligence (AI) , Capita
Title: The evolving IoT delivery model - can telcos alone provide the ecosystem to deliver and monetise 5G and IoT?

Tirath Virdee

Tirath Virdee

Director of Artificial Intelligence (AI) at Capita


Reimagining telecoms is about reimagining the possibilities of data. Everything is data and data is everything. Telcos are swamped by data and yet the biggest problem is about making use of that data to create business value and to reimagine the business.

Synopsis Reimagining telecoms is about reimagining the possibilities of data. Everything is data and data is everything. Telcos are swamped by data and yet the biggest problem is about making use of that data to create business value and to reimagine the business. The problem will grow exponentially with the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, and edge-AI. This talk is about reimagining data democratisation in a corporate environment, as well as democratising selected elements of it to reduce reputational and systemic risks to the industry.

CXO panel session

Date: Wednesday 27 October
Time: 9:50 – 10:20
Moderator: Tirath Virdee, Director of Artificial Intelligence (AI) at Capita
Title: 5G & the Internet of Things; capturing revenue in an era of technological disruption

Tirath Virdee

Tirath Virdee

Director of Artificial Intelligence (AI) at Capita


The future of services is expected to heavily rely on the Internet of Things (IoT) and the ability to create smart spaces such as, smart cities, smart houses, smart transportation, and smart outdoor monitoring (SOM) in the coming few decades.

Such smart spaces will require the deployment of significantly large numbers of devices connected to the internet, such as sensors, actuators, and wearable computing.

During this session panel will discuss:

  • What’s the collective prize around IoT?
  • What’s the potential of 5G networks in IoT, and how can this be monetised for telcoms operators?
  • What partner vendor eco systems are needed to deliver an end-to-end IoT solution? Is there enough margin in this for each ecosystem member?
  • Are operators prepared for the seismic shift that the integration of 5G to IoT, might bring? What’s the business model needed to deliver IoT to create smart environments - are telcoms operators set up to succeed? Will operators be able to offer solutions efficiently to reduce consumption of energy and embrace renewable energy acquisition?
  • With mobile data traffic expected to increase eightfold, and the number of connected mobile devices set to increase to 11.6 billion this year, there are many challenges to be addressed before being able to realize the 5G paradigm. Will existing infrastructure cope with the high Quality of Service (QoS) requirements? How intelligent and capable is your edge to support autonomous data usage?
  • How can we address security and cyber security aspects?
  • What do operators need to do to ensure the quality of experience for users?

Panel speaking slot

Date: Wednesday 27th October
Time: 14:20–14:50
Topic: Industry 4.0: What is the telco’s role in delivering smart industry?
Panellist:Elias Nassif, Data Scientist, Capita Plc

Elias Nassif

Elias Nassif

Data Scientist, Capita Plc


This discussion will include the topics of:

  • Building the service offering to support smart industry
  • Exploring the technology mix




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