Delivering cashable savings

Procurement has a key role in the delivery of cashable savings and continuously driving value from the supply chain. We know that developing and implementing programmes of savings can be challenging.

Our savings delivery programmes are focused on quickly unlocking cashable benefits for the whole organisation. We work across categories of spend, using our knowledge of the market and supply chain to identify opportunities to reduce demand on services and reduce the cost of third party suppliers.

When developing the savings programme, we take account of existing or recent savings activity, agreed contracts and supplier relationships.


pound efficiencies through detailed spend benchmarking

4:1 to 10:1

returns on investment

How it works

Key to our methodology is working within your business to engage stakeholders and understand their needs. Savings delivery cannot work in isolation and frequently involves working with service delivery teams to manage demand and re-design services and specifications to achieve overall best value, while also delivering the strategic objectives of the organisation.

Our savings programmes are underpinned by innovative benefits tracking technology and a range of commercial models. We typically deliver double percentage savings on addressable spend.

Taking this holistic view means we can identify both short term gains, such as rebates from duplicate payments, and longer term, strategic savings associated with service design.

This then allows us to create savings programmes that continue to deliver benefits after the initial engagement, and support the development of a strategic procurement function focused on savings delivery.

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