Using smart automation to deliver better outcomes

Real transformation starts with intelligent automation, a combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation which can streamline processes, improve decision-making and optimise resource allocation.

Offering a multitude of dynamic solutions - from task mining and process re-engineering to unattended RPA and task capture – our mature, experienced robotic process automation (RPA) practice includes 40 fully accredited staff and over 20 RPA developers skilled in various RPA technologies. Working with market leaders in intelligent automation, some of our achievements include reducing process reduction time by 50% for an NHS Trust and saving over 3,500 hours annually of personnel time for another client.

Our advanced AI-enabled automation solutions go beyond replicating simple, repeatable tasks. As a long-term public- and private sector partner, our multi-industry expertise enables us to intelligently connect areas of automation for the greatest impact. We see the bigger picture, identifying and implementing market-leading solutions that perform with speed and accuracy so you can maximise efficiencies and cost savings, and be free to innovate.

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Key statistics


> 175 organisations

➥ Who we provide end-to-end world-class RPA services to, including their 35 million customers.


68% cost reductions

➥ Achieved resulting from the implementation of our automation solution.


£3 million cost saving

➥ How much our automation solution saved one organisation on procurement.

Fast, accurate automation solutions for complex, intensive tasks

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    Unattended automation manages repetitive tasks, such as processing invoices and payroll payments, and sending receipts.
    Attended RPA works alongside teams to speed up end-to-end tasks such as supporting with queries and collecting data.
    Process mining identifies errors, failures and inefficiencies in current end-to-end processes.
    Task mining analyses business processes and identifies repetitive tasks that can be automated to increase efficiency, productivity, and cost savings.
    OCR and ICR process various types of data, including PDFs, images and scans, and can even process handwriting.
    Automated customer service and emails reduce the need for human-led responses to spoken and written interactions.
    Improves decision-making by expediting the analysis of data, for example, by analysing citizen opinion for a particular policy.
    Accelerate business process documentation by recording regular workflows in detail.
    Drag-and-drop tools can be used to automate repetitive, mundane tasks quickly and easily.
    Identifies potential gaps in a department's business processes, enabling the design of an improved, more efficient procedure.
    Digital workflows that create great citizen experiences and unlock productivity.
    Live automation support ensuring SLAs are met and ROI is achieved.
    Why Capita

    How we help with organisational transformation

    With our extensive and proven experience delivering successful transformations across public and private organisations, we’re a proven, trusted and yet innovative partner for the introduction and integration of intelligent automation into your operations:

      Advanced AI-enabled automation can go beyond replicating simple and repeatable tasks to those that are more complex and intensive, all with pace and accuracy. Our end-to-end service gives you a robust end-to-end automation roadmap, from concept and delivery to ongoing support and optimisation.

      Our technology agnostic approach enables us to work with the best-of-class industry leaders to identify and select the optimal automated solution that best meets your needs.

      Our expertise enables us to help you see the big picture, by connecting existing automation pockets with those needed to drive larger, more transformative changes, and achieve improved outcomes for citizens and customers.

      By automating increasingly complex tasks, your employees are freed up to perform activities that have higher value and greater impact while maintaining your headcount. And by streamlining complex processes and repetitive tasks, employees enjoy boosted morale, feel more valued and have the headspace to be creative.

      Automating your business processes improves the clarity of your processes, making it easier for you to ensure compliance with regulations. Our detailed audit trail makes compliance easier, while its rapid and targeted scalability will also benefit your workforce and organisation.

      We have specialist technical expertise in the design and implementation of cloud, on-premises, and hybrid IT technologies.


      Your step-by-step automation journey

      Founded on industry leading methodologies, processes and consulting, we’re a world-class automation practice. Our team of RPA experts combine consultancy, product, design, data, economics and engineering to deliver your automation strategy and vision:

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      Business case

      We build an automation pipeline with an impactful business case.

      Robust strategy

      We clarify drivers for change such as experience, efficiency, cost & scale.


      Analysis & design

      Our detailed automated process flow ensures results align with business priorities.



      We build processes to emulate team behaviour with full testing before go-live.



      Reflects client operating hours. Automated triaging identifies errors.

      Supporting government with intelligent automation

      Using intelligent automation as the catalyst for digital transformation

      We help local and central government to streamline processes, improve decision-making and optimise resources by applying our deep understanding of the unique public sector landscape to connect areas of automation for the greatest impact. From concept and delivery to support and optimisation, our scalable solutions provide clarity of processes and detailed audit trails for easier compliance.

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      Showcasing some of our technology partnerships

      As an innovator in digital services, we deliver market-leading automation solutions that simplify and transform connections for our partners, including Microsoft and ServiceNow:
      Chris Perkins

      Managing Director, Enterprise Commercial, Microsoft UK


      Microsoft is thrilled to embark on this dynamic journey with Capita. With AI-enabled transformation, we’re empowering businesses and employees alike and inspiring a new era of innovation, agility, and success.

      Kam Patel

      Senior Director, Public Sector UK, ServiceNow


      ServiceNow’s partnership with Capita strengthens our shared commitment to innovation and customer centricity. Together, we have tremendous potential to co-create intelligent solutions with the power of AI and automation.

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      Get in touch with our intelligent automation experts

      Meet our automation experts


      Piers Campbell

      Data and AI Guild Lead, Capita

      Piers is an award-winning digital leader with a proven track record of building teams that drive business transformation and deliver tangible benefits. Piers has cultivated a strong collaborative approach and honed client-facing skills at the CxO level across a range of commercial sectors and governmental organisations. He currently leads the digital transformation team for Capita Public Services leveraging digital innovation to design and build the next generation of public services.

      Jiten Patel

      Jiten Patel

      Intelligent Automation Consultant, Capita

      Jiten is an automation consultant at Capita within the Consult and Transform business. Working closely with clients he identifies and consults on areas of improvement by leveraging automation and AI capabilities to support client challenges and enable them to transform their business. Jiten’s background is in automation and service transition, delivering client automated solutions with minimal impact to a business.

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