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Our technology solutions are designed with unstinting commitment to innovation as we help you deploy powerful, flexible networking and infrastructure solutions in your corporate, government and high security environments.

As an industry-recognised secure IT infrastructure expert, we’ve delivered thousands of miles of structured data cabling for football stadiums, airports, submarines and skyscrapers across the world, connecting thousands of people, businesses and institutions.

From firewalls to comprehensive security consultations, we ensure your data is not only stored securely, but can only be accessed by cleared personnel on a need-to-know basis. Our unparalleled security clearance allows us to set up and apply our connectivity solutions in the most sensitive and secure environments: Ministry of Defence (MOD) sites, RAF bases, courts and prisons – even nuclear power plants.

We do extensive and demanding work in the commercial sector, too. UK-wide and in Crown dependencies, we’re helping telecoms companies to enhance and expand their services by designing, delivering and supporting the country’s most secure network and communication infrastructure.

Our network services keep everyone online 24 hours a day, seven days a week with secure LAN and WAN networks that connect you to your people, your customers and the world, whilst our smart buildings services combine real estate solutions such as access control, CCTV, AV and IoT with artificial intelligence to cut costs and minimise impact on the environment.

Key statistics



➥ years’ experience providing end-to-end secure networking solutions for some of the UK's largest and most security sensitive clients



➥ the number of wi-fi access points we installed at a Premiership football stadium in London

Where we’ve helped

football GettyImages-1637717332

Premiership football stadium, London

We installed structured cabling and a full suite of wi-fi services covering the entire stadium, including the bowl, concourse, pitch, all internal areas, hospitality, roof walk and carparks – this comprised 1,645 wi-fi access points.

F35 navy

Airbase project

Through a multi-year project, we modernised this airbase’s communications network and brought it back under control, saving crucial time and money and providing onsite resources to keep it running. By introducing direct diagnostic control, problems can now be immediately rectified first-hand and opportunities to improve can be identified. Commanders can also plan with certainty thanks to new infrastructure that has room to grow, providing the base with 30 to 50 years of reliable service.

GettyImages-1334729682 talking to mortgage customers

High street bank

Electranet provides, installs and repairs all cabling as required for one of the UK’s leading banking groups in its high street branches, offices and datacentres.


Ministry of Defence

We’ve installed the wireless infrastructure and associated cabling at more than 200 Navy, Army and RAF sites to enable them to deploy the Defence Business Internet. This flexible working solution provides business-grade wi-fi infrastructure and mobility solutions to let people work anywhere, at any time, and to make them more efficient and effective in their roles.


UK police force

This police force faces new challenges from increasingly digital communities. Through the deployment of new wi-fi technology, it has been able to create new opportunities to gather intelligence, collect and share digital evidence, and serve the public better. Electranet supported the wi-fi roll out with site surveys and cable and access points installation.

justice and policing

Ministry of Justice

Electranet supported multiple projects deploying network infrastructure into UK prisons as part of digital transformation. This has helped to increase communication and learning within prisons, improve prisoner wellbeing and confidence using IT, enhance prisoner relationships inside and outside prison, reduce prison violence and contribute to employees’ job satisfaction while minimising their workload.

airport baggage GettyImages-1446090290

Speedier airport baggage collection

We helped to create a state-of-the-art, fully automated baggage facility at a UK airport, removing more than 400 fibre optic cables and diverting more than 1,500 live services from the baggage area. This solution complies with the BAA specification and all relevant European standards, and it provides optimum performance for data network requirements.

How we help

We're trusted across the globe, with our acquisition of Electranet solidifying Electranet’s market presence as one of the UK’s foremost network infrastructure specialists.Toggle the + sign below to find out more.

    We provide copper, telephony, fibre optics and full containment systems and conduct site surveys to determine the best design solution for your premises. We can ramp up resources in record time to support our customers in any environment, with access to a large number of highly skilled engineers. We also provide the civil engineering work behind cabling deployment in exceptional conditions.

    Our WAN and LAN technologies allow you to create a community of locations from which your people can work together, securely, without compromising data protection. With both fixed and mobile connectivity, we provide our clients with fast, reliable and secure networks. We are also in the process of expanding our portfolio to support IoT deployments.

    Our security solutions are designed to protect data, personnel, buildings and technology, shielding you from both cyber threats and physical breaches. We supply the UK Government with secure WAN networks that can be adapted for the private sector. We provide a variety of specialist security solutions, including Counter Terrorism Check, Security Check, Developed Vetting and more.

    Because we have the capability to conduct our own security clearance, we can ramp up resources to serve our clients when needed.  We are also a full corporate member of the Defence Industry Security Association (DISA).

    We deliver full security audits, undertaken by a fully qualified security advisor, with a full report to assist you in achieving the accredited government standard. This includes advice on the design of the IT methodologies and necessary standards to store the appropriate level of client/public information. We’ll give a full assessment of the current environment and recommendations on what you need to do to bring the system up to current HMG standards. This may even include a security assessment of the physical rooms where systems are located. Once complete, we provide risk assessment documentation, IT security and access procedures and a design system with accreditation documents.

    We connect all key smart building components to the internet with a single-structured cabling infrastructure and converged data network. Intelligent lighting mimics daylight and temperature is controlled room by room for optimum comfort, turning off heating in empty rooms to save energy. Sensors can detect when a booked meeting room is unused, marking it as available. All this can increase your ROI on real estate while maximising your people’s wellbeing and productivity. Smart buildings are also more secure. Alarms, CCTV and access controls can be IP-enabled and managed centrally but unobtrusively. RFID-tagged identification passes control and monitor individual access to lifts, floors and rooms.



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