Freeing teams from low-quality repetitive tasks

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) enables organisations to work smarter by using software robots to undertake high-volume, repetitive processes as they replicate simple processes and tasks carried out by people.

Instead of your team spending time on simple, repetitive tasks – such as extracting data, typing up call notes, or manually transferring data from one system to another –  they have more headspace to think, be creative, focus on strategy and give the best response to customers. A software robot can be 100% focused on those tasks that take hours, undertaking them perfectly within minutes.

We identify the RPA opportunities which would have the most impact on your business and design, implement and manage the bots to meet your business objectives. We deliver RPA as a service which you can use on-demand when you need it, without investment in costly technology infrastructure, licences or professional services.

We’ve already helped to transform the accounts payment process in local government, reduce clinical risk in the production and issue of patient appointment letters, and smooth the annual peak period in calculating pensions entitlements. We’ve even saved one procurement department an impressive £3million by tripling the number of transactions processed.

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Key statistics


£3 million

➥ How much we’ve helped one organisation to save on procurement



➥ The reduction in costs we’ve seen where our automation solution is implemented


3 x

➥ How we’ve tripled the volume of transactions processed by a buying provider

The benefits of RPA

Cost savings, better customer service and more productive employees


Faster, more efficient and error-free

RPA can dramatically increase processing speeds, boosting efficiency, productivity and accuracy as human error/mis-keying is eliminated.


Customer centricity

Helps your people save time on manual tasks, unlocking time to focus on building trusted customer relationships. Removing repetitive activities is also a great motivator to take on high-value tasks.


Quality outcomes

Improved processes help gather extensive management information so you can analyse performance and make more informed decisions.

Compliant and agile

Detailed audit trails on completed processes make compliance easier whilst  its rapid and targeted scalability will boost the agility of your workforce and your business.

Major cost savings

Our automated operations result in positive bottom line results. We’ve seen up to 60% reduction in costs where our automation solution is implemented.

Blends digital and human workforce

Our technologies integrate seamlessly into your business processes and prepare your people for the Automation Age.



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