Making it easier to identify what you should be automating

Process mining forms a key part of the initial discovery phase for automation. While people know best about what does and doesn’t work with the processes they interact with every day, process mining confirms with certainty if automation would help.

We use remote data collection tools to analyse and monitor IT systems and application data to gain a detailed insight into processes happening in the background, giving data-driven facts about the complexity, timings and performance variation of each process.

As well as providing a steer on what to automate, it gives a data-informed view of how your organization operates, enabling you to see instantly which processes are not optimal and if any are non-compliant.

Our process mining service ensures rapid time to value for your automation projects as it significantly speeds up solution design, automatically producing the detailed process maps and flows required to automate your processes.

Applying process mining has enabled a large international insurer to reengineer its reinstatement process, speeding up the end- to- end process from over 30 to 2.9 days and delivering a much improved customer experience.

How process mining helps



Accesses process data from your ERP, BPM and CRM systems.



Adds tags and KPIs to data to align outcomes with strategic business goals.



Obtains a fact-based representation of complex processes, showing all inefficiency and risk.



Minimizes and manages enterprise risks and ensures compliance and operational resilience.

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