Keeping vulnerable children safe online during remote learning journey

We can provide an end to end managed deployment solution and ongoing support service. We can support you in:

  • distributing and setting up the devices, including configuring and installing software and providing guidance for parents and pupils
  • managing the devices with ongoing maintenance and support directly to end users to ensure they are always fit for purpose
  • training and supporting children and their parents in using remote technology and our in-house education resources
  • proactively safeguarding children remotely at a time when key issues such as mental health, self-harm and child exploitation are an additional concern. Our expert safeguarding team can triage worrying and inappropriate device / internet usage alerts, rapidly notifying designated safeguarding leads where appropriate
  • integrating the devices into schools’ stock once they return.


Proactive safeguarding whilst learning remotely

Our Digital Monitoring Service keeps pupils safe by monitoring all online activity, capturing anything that could present a concern which is then reviewed by our online safety experts.

These issues are assigned a risk level and appropriate safeguarding leads are alerted, in a timely manner, to potentially harmful content or behaviour.

The service already safeguards 1,000s of students. On average last year, 95,000 violations were captured each month including 1,161 serious child safety threats - including ones causing an immediate danger and children at risk of self-harm, radicalisation and sexual exploitation.

Why Capita?

With more than 35 years’ experience of supporting more than 180 local authorities and 21,000 schools, we’re one of the largest IT providers to the UK education system.

We understand that, in these challenging times, the most vulnerable children need extra support to learn, but also that their wellbeing and safety is of paramount importance right now. We are here to help.

Flexible solutions

We understand that you might already have plans in place and may only need support from us in meeting a specific challenge that you face in delivering these provisions. You can mix and match our services - we can deliver a single service or tailor a package to suit your needs.



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