Connect the data. Change the story. A Single View

When local authorities connect data from multiple sources, they have the full story and can change outcomes for the better.

Our Single View dashboard helps you spot crucial connections in society sooner.

It works by combining data sources to flag vulnerable people and unfolding situations that would otherwise remain hidden – and, importantly, before they escalate. All of which allows you to address important initiatives such as the Levelling Up agenda, and make a difference to:

  • integrated care systems
  • the cost of living crisis
  • food poverty
  • supporting families



Watch the video to find out how Single View helps 
Single View

Safeguarding vulnerable communities


See data from all of your sources in one place with Single View dashboards, and make more timely decisions based on proactive deprivation indicators. Real-time data integration reporting helps you interpret data to make early interventions, so you can safeguard families, children and vulnerable adults…before they reach crisis point.

  • reduce poverty and deprivation
  • support key government programmes
  • overcome challenges caused by the pandemic
  • ultimately improve the life chances of all involved
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How Single View helps


Integrate and share your data seamlessly and securely

Quickly and painlessly overcome the barriers to data in your local authority.


Harness data intelligence

Connect data points to clearly and proactively identify opportunities for intervention.


Deploy support where it’s most needed

Make greater use of your funds and resources, to deliver timely help where it’s required.


Level up your outcomes

Level up your citizens and communities and protect the most vulnerable people in society.


Enabling real-world data literacy with Single View

We’ve enabled the Supporting Families team at Milton Keynes City Council to quickly and seamlessly share education, social care and youth data, cutting the process from over two weeks to just half a day to get a full picture of a family.

Find out how we’re helping to empower local authority teams with self-service reporting to enable them to provide support to families faster - in Milton Keynes Council’s words this is “all down to having the right information at the click of a button.”

single view
Case studies and other resources

Featured highlights

Revolutionising real-time data sharing with Stoke-on-Trent

Stoke-on-Trent shares real-time data seamlessly across departments and systems with our Single View software for efficient decision-making and quality services.

Read the case study

Tackling child poverty through data

Plymouth City Council is using our Single View and One Education management software to transform outcomes for children and families.

Read the case study

Transforming the futures of vulnerable citizens

A joint venture between Capita and a city in South East England has turned around the lives of thousands of families.

Read the case study

Infographic: how data literacy creates better outcomes

As a local authority, you’ll know what you want to achieve with the data you hold. Our infographic looks at how you make that a reality.

See the infographic

Hear what our customers think

Single View is quicker and easier to use than anyone in the council expected.
It is agile, and easily adaptable to provide solutions for other teams and programmes.
Dr Gareth Sampson

Project Officer, Plymouth City Council



Find out more about how Single View can support your local authority to deliver better outcomes

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