Faster and smarter claims processing to provide vital help sooner

Local authorities play a crucial role in enabling vulnerable people to keep their lives as stable as possible through even the most challenging of times. Recent events have put even greater pressure on local authorities to manage benefits claims as quickly as possible to ensure the most vulnerable in society are getting the financial support they need

Our innovative benefits automation solution, an optional feature of our revenues and benefits platform, enables local authorities to automate the assessment of new claims and changes in circumstances 24/7, reducing the amount of manual processing and checking.

Easy to set up, it mimics the steps your team usually makes to manage assessments from start to finish, explaining why any claims haven’t been successful and providing a full audit trail.

Fast and efficient, our benefits automation is arguably the quickest and most cost-effective way to reduce the administrative burden, cutting processing times from over 40 minutes to less than two minutes, 20 times quicker than the usual manual process. As well as freeing up staff to focus on complex cases, it also reduces errors and exposure to benefit fraud.

40 minutes to 2 minutes

How much our benefits automation can cut processing times

20 x

How much quicker our benefits automation is than the usual manual process

Our solution

The solution
Benefits automation
What is it An optional add-on to the revenues and benefits platform, allowing local authorities to automate the assessment of new claims, change in circumstances, council tax moves or change of address claims.
How it helps
  • enables councils to process claims 24/7 while reducing costs and putting less strain on resources.
  • increases processing speed of new claims
  • reduces need for manual processing and checking
  • improved accuracy
  • reduces exposure to benefit fraud
  • improves overall customer service
  • no extra IT or software needed
  • user-friendly and fully auditable
Features include
  • A fully integrated end-to-end solution
  • A flexible and easy to set-up automation function, allowing you to choose the level of automation your service needs, and define the claims and changes you want to automate
  • Mimics the steps your team usually makes. If the automation can’t continue because the claim doesn’t meet your requirements, it will tell you why and where it got to, save the information, and move on to the next claim
  • Automatic confirmation is sent directly to the citizen, letting them know the outcome of their application, with signposting to further services or content
Who's it for Local authorities using Capita’s revenues and benefits software

Getting started

Integrates fully with the revenues and benefits software, no third-party software needed Get in touch to arrange a demo


How our benefits automation helps


Improves citizen experience

Ensures vulnerable individuals and families get the support they need faster with quicker responses to online applications and immediate confirmation of entitlements.


Streamlined processes

Up to 20 times faster than manual processing with automatic updates to the back office eliminating keying errors, improving data accuracy and ensuring vulnerable citizens get financial support more quickly.


A unique, single-supplier solution

Fully integrated and embedded within the core revenues and benefits system, requiring no third-party software. Ready to go and easily adaptable


Most effective return on investment (ROI)

The quickest, most cost-effective way to reduce the administrative burden - no manual intervention enables smarter working by freeing skilled people to focus on other priorities.


Supports channel shift

Optimised to work with digital forms and also compatible with third party e-forms. Designed and built in collaboration with customers to support you in providing a digital customer experience to your citizens.


Rich, customisable functionality

Easily set up for local needs with a comprehensive set of parameters and a simple but powerful rules engine. Provides a summary overview and full audit of all decisions and actions.

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