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Local authority budgets are under increased strain and revenues and benefits teams under increased pressure to maximise collection rates while doing it all faster, more efficiently and cost effectively. The pandemic has hit businesses and citizens hard, further impacting the local council tax base.

Our fully-hosted SaaS revenues and benefits software helps meet those challenges, saving time, effort and money with integrated solutions. You’ll have access to core modules and products including: Housing Benefit (including rent rebates, rent allowance and discretionary housing payments); Council Tax and reduction schemes; Non-Domestic Rates; payments; and debt management, including overpayments.

And to reduce the amount of manual processing and checking usually needed, we offer automation software for assessing new claims. It mimics the steps your team usually takes, speeding up your service and creating a full audit trail, whilst reducing errors and your exposure to benefit fraud.

The cloud-based platform integrates fully with our secure digital portal, self-serve forms and third-party systems to support you with providing an increased digital customer experience, encouraging citizens to access services more cost-effectively at a time that suits them.

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Key statistics

£10 billion +

➥ Non-domestic rates (business rates) issued and collected using our software

£12 billion +

➥ Council tax bills issued and collected using our software

£45 million +

➥ Discretionary Housing Payments (DHPs) paid using our software

Revenues and benefits portal - how it helps

Local authority teams

Supports channel shift, helping you to deliver a better citizen experience whilst reducing the pressure on staff. When citizens, businesses and schools make online updates, their data is transferred directly to your system so there’s no rekeying and information is more accurate


Citizens have secure 24/7 online access to find and update information at a time to suit them, including for Council Tax, changes to contact details, payment arrangements, applications for discounts or exemptions, and details of benefits claims.


Schools have instant secure direct online access to free school meals information, and can download schedules whenever needed.


Landlords have the information they need to manage their cash flow with instant secure access to a summary of the payments they’ll receive.


Business can quickly check outstanding balances, reliefs and payments, and see detailed calculations of their charges.

Business Improvement District (BID) boards

With a secure view of BID accounts, it’s easier to stay up to date with key management information.

Benefits automation

Our innovative benefits automation solution is an optional feature of our revenues and benefits platform which enables local authorities to automate the assessment of new claims and changes in circumstances.


How it helps:

Easy to set up, it mimics the steps your team usually makes to manage assessments from start to finish. Automatic confirmation is sent directly to the citizen, letting them know the outcome of their application, with signposting to further services or content. All details are populated and updated within your system, creating a full audit trail.

The impact:

Fast and efficient, it significantly reduces the administrative burden, cutting processing times from 25 minutes to three minutes - 20 times quicker than the usual manual process. As well as freeing up staff to focus on complex cases, it reduces errors and exposure to benefit fraud.

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Housing Benefit Award Accuracy Initiative (HBAAI) processing

Automated end-to-end management to relieve the burden from your teams

To relieve the volume of manual administration associated with manually reviewing and validating information for the Housing Benefit Award Accuracy Initiative (HBAAI), we provide a fully integrated digital solution which uses automation to drive efficiency. This delivers end-to-end management of the HBAAI file, including issuing correspondence automatically, providing an online review form which updates the back office records in real time, and actioning any adjustment of benefit.

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