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Getting members to pay attention to a dry and complex subject like pensions is a challenge. We take the complex and make it simple, using insight to understand people and tell them what they need to know in a way that resonates. With comprehensive understanding and clear communication, we drive better outcomes for trustees, employers and members.

We know every employer must provide a pension scheme for employees, which means there are more pension scheme members than ever before. The costs to employers are high – but understanding and appreciation among employees are often low.

Our specialist team provides strategic consultancy, technical expertise, design and digital solutions for all types of pension communications.

Our ultimate goal is to help pension scheme members make confident decisions when it comes to planning for their financial future. That means understanding what your members want and tailoring your communications to their needs.

Key statistics


1.2 million

➥ Emails sent to inform people about their pensions in 2020



➥ The average open rate for our pensions emails


4 million

➥ Individuals communicated to about their pensions

Our solutions

Strategic consultancy
Digital solutions
Scheme communications

What is it

We use insight and measurement to ensure you have the right strategies in place to help meet the goals of your scheme and deliver a measurable return on investment.

By digging deeper and understanding you and your members, our consultancy team deliver highly customised communication plans delivering the right content in the right way.

We’ll help you to communicate with your members in ways that are innovative, environmentally conscious and cost-effective.

We offer email services, website design and development, and the production of off-the-shelf and bespoke videos and animations to engage and entertain your members.

We provide a comprehensive service for scheme communications, covering everything from initial drafting, through to technical review, graphic design, print and fulfilment.

We can handle jobs of any size or complexity – everything from newsletters and promotional flyers to complex benefit statements involving variable personal data.

How it helps

We’ll help you engage members by thinking about what they really need to know, what you want them to do, and how you want them to feel about the scheme.

We work with you to establish a strategy with clear goals to improve both understanding and perception of your scheme across its membership.

Digital communications are a necessity for engaging members.

With legislative requirements to make certain information available to members online, we’ll help you tick the necessary boxes and go the extra mile so you’re taking advantage of new opportunities to communicate.

We have the skills and knowledge to make sure that the content is accurate and readable, the design is attractive and brand-compliant, the print and fulfilment seamless and error-free, and that the whole project is delivered in time and on budget.

We consider accessibility requirements so communications are right for everyone in your scheme.

Features include

  • Strategic guidance to suit your scheme
  • Member insight surveys and focus groups
  • Communications audit
  • Campaign creation and delivery
  • Assistance with planning and budgeting
  • Segmented email campaigns
  • Customisable websites
  • “The Pensions Directory” – our off-the-shelf web solution for schemes needing to meet disclosure requirements
  • Videos and animations
  • Online financial planning tools
  • Drafting/copywriting service
  • Technical review
  • Design and branding
  • Print management
  • Project management
  • Accessibility

Who's it for

Schemes looking to assess their current communications offering, improve engagement with members, and get value for money from their communications budget.

Schemes in need of a digital presence, or those wanting to take the next step into a digital future by taking advantage of the latest technology to communicate with members.

All schemes who are required to communicate with their members.

Our approach



Analyse the audience

We use member insight to understand and segment the audience. What are their demographics, goals, motivations and preferences?



Create the strategy

We create engagement strategies with clear objectives and priorities for each segment of the audience with desired actions and outcomes.




With a clear strategy we can plan our communications and construct campaigns that build a story for members.



Deliver communications

Each new communication is delivered with clear purpose and consistency relating to the overall vision and objectives to produce maximum engagement.



Monitor and measure

By continually measuring the impact of what we are doing, we can learn, improve and demonstrate the value of our work.



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