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We provide a wide range of automation software to streamline your processes.

Our One Revenues and Benefits service allows claimants to apply online and get an instant response to their benefit entitlements. Proclaim Process Management software helps legal and other professionals with document, time and risk management. Our income management software gives clients automated invoicing and debt recovery solutions. And we are the largest private provider of healthcare clinical coding in the UK.

Thanks to Capita, 40% of benefit enquiries to Luton Borough Council are now fully automated, making vital savings. Our coding software processes 380,000 cases annually for the NHS and the private healthcare sector.

You can be confident we’ll keep evolving our products to meet your changing needs.

Automation solutions

Revenue and benefits automation

Our One Revenue and Benefits fully integrated automation functionality allows your staff to be released from the time-consuming tasks of manually processing claims and changes, so they can focus on dealing with the complex priority tasks.

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Process automation

Our Proclaim Process Management software is endorsed by the Law Society and is used by over 25,000 professionals in a vast range of sectors, incorporating legal, commercial, government and charitable.

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Clinical coding

We provide scalable clinical coding services to produce accurate coded data in a timely, efficient, and effective manner. Our services range from remote coding support to outsourced service delivery, through to innovative approaches supported by our unique automated coding.

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Payment automation

Our advanced Income Management solution allows you to seamlessly reconcile income accessed via a web browser. Providing comprehensive reports and reformatting of data prior to export, you can effortlessly update your existing back-office systems.

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Education technology

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