Achieving technology-centred change with trusted testing services

Our aim is to allow you to focus on core business activities, while we take care of testing to deliver technology-enabled change across your organisation, fast.

As a specialist provider of testing, assurance and governance services, we provide you with an optimal service that successfully delivers services that best meet your technical, business and user requirements. We help you deliver value through testing innovation and driving continuous improvement, while identifying cost-savings along the way.

Our extensive testing services range from disaster recovery testing through to outsourced testing that include testing agile, DevOps and digital transformation initiatives through a suite of test management, test transformation, test automation and managed test services.

Our large pool of expert resources has worked across hundreds of projects for both private and public sectors and have strong experience in delivering successful projects using multiple tools and techniques.


expert testing consultants within Capita across the UK


of CTO’s recently said that automating more test cases could be the single most important factor in their success

How our testing consultant delivers


Focusing on the big risks

Identifying and mitigating the big risks and critical outcomes through test optimisation best practices and subject matter expertise.


Test automation

We’ll help you identify how adopting Test Automation will meet and balance your Business’s demands to drive innovation while maintaining critical quality user experience.


Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, Salesforce testing

We can help you reduce the testing resource cost of keeping up with evergreening applications.


Getting projects over the line

Our methodology helps concentrate project’s resources and accelerate the pace of delivery to meet deadlines.


Balancing resources

Our test management services enable your programme and project managers to take firm control of testing and QA and keep it closely aligned with their programme and business objectives.


Agile resource augmentation

We can quickly provide experienced technical, non-functional and automation expertise to augment existing teams to meet the needs of your project’s delivery resource spikes.


Test management

Managing testing for our customers or their suppliers (both on-shore and off-shore), ensuring adherence to best practice and timely deliverables.

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