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Every year schools see a tilt in the scales, with pupil numbers rising, but teaching staff and funding decreasing. Added to this are organisational, technological and structural changes and demands to boost efficiency.

Our software solutions are boosting teaching and learning in 21,000 schools and 160 universities across 49 countries, while our specialist support services are used by over 3,000 schools and academies. These solutions and services are developed by Capita people with years of teaching experience and practical knowledge of how schools and further education and higher education institutions run. 

From managing the administration of the UK’s primary national curriculum tests, to developing software that's improving decision making and simplifying communication between students, staff, and parents. By reducing the amount of time schools, colleges and universities have to spend on administration, we're helping to free up precious time to focus on what matters.

Helping the school day run smoothly with smart data

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Creating a school community through collaborative technology

Organisations run better when everyone has a clear and complete picture of what's happening.

A single, centralised management reporting dashboard provides a full view of the school, making it easier to track progress and support teachers and pupils.

Capita SIMS is helping City Montessori School bring the whole school community together – supporting 56,000 pupils, over 18 campuses.

City Montessori School is the largest school in the world. Keeping a handle on school progress was proving impossible with the management information system (MIS) they had. Over five years, each of the 18 campuses had separately customised it, to suit their individual needs.

City Montessori School chose us to implement our SIMS education software, to create a singular, school-wide, standardised and cloud-hosted MIS.

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Education services

Capita works in partnership with schools, academy trusts and local authorities to provide specialist expertise, ensuring every child and young person receives a good education, is in a safe and healthy environment and is given expert guidance to realise their full potential.

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Education technology

Our education software solutions and your relentless commitment help ensure every student has the best opportunity to succeed.

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Local government

We're providing services and solutions that improve outcomes and save money, so councils can focus on what matters in their communities.

We manage tax and other revenue collection, benefits payments, building control support, IT networks, accounting and much more.

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