Policies and principles

We have a number of group policies and procedures in place, which are embedded in our business processes and ways of working. These set out how we do business, engage with clients and manage our relationships with customers, suppliers and third parties.
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01 February 2021

Financial Crime Policy

Press release
01 December 2021

Responsible Taxation 2021

Press release
22 September 2021

Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

Press release
15 December 2020

Supplier Charter

Press release
10 December 2020

Tax Strategy 2020

Press release
22 June 2021

Modern Slavery Statement 2021

Modern Slavery Statement 2021
01 October 2021

Speak Up Policy

Press release
17 December 2021

Code of Conduct

Press release
27 May 2021

Human Rights Policy

Press release
02 April 2020

Community and Charity Policy

Press release
18 December 2019

Tax Strategy 2019

Press release
January 2020

Procurement Policy

Press release
27 June 2019

Armed Forces Corporate Covenant

Press release
16 July 2021

Information and Cyber Security Policy

Press release
18 October 2021

Privacy Policy

Press release
26 May 2021

Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Press release


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