Workplace IT

People and culture

Value for money – employers matter too

Car salesperson using mobile in showroom

Customer experience

How do you sell big ticket items without the handshake?

eCommerce & Optimisation

People and culture

How organisations can build a culture of learning

Customer service representatives

Customer experience

Supporting frontline teams with vulnerable customer conversations

Businessman working from home on conference


Embracing digital transformation in healthcare to support the vulnerable

Man using laptop

Human resources

The future of work: Learning in the flow of life

UK car showroom


The changing face of motor finance, driven by Covid-19


Human resources

Recover, reimagine, rebuild

Lady on business webinar

Local government

Digitising democracy with Lambeth Council

Fire fighters putting out fire

Public safety

The control room of the future

Education Services


The future of education in the new normal



All change: rail, digital and Covid-19

Office meeting

Artificial intelligence

AI and blockchain in human resources

London Underground - moving train


Post-Covid-19 commuting and the road to zero. What lies ahead?


Customer experience

10 key steps to mobilise a contact team in days

Server room


Rebalancing your network after Covid-19

Complex service delivery


The case for using technology for team building in a time of social isolation

Insight-Are agile people the key to delivering digital transformation?


The new normal – agility in the face of adversity (Part 2)

Man working in home office

Local government

Working better together to help local authorities continue delivering support through the Covid-19 crisis

Construction worker on site with planning documents

Local government

How local authority building control teams can become more resilient



The new normal – agility in the face of adversity (Part 1)

Building surveyor

Local government

Remote support in building control: how to take back control in challenging times

Business man working from home using mobile

People and culture

Being emotionally intelligent and empathetic in a VUCA world

Customer service representatives

Customer experience

What next for the call centre?


Local government

Supporting local government with disbursing business rate grants

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