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People and culture

The purpose-driven business

Local government

Protecting our planet starts at home and building regulations must reflect that


The local government great opportunity

Insurance and pensions

Transforming pensions for the future

Future of work

Entrepreneurship - the youth perspective.

Local government

Home is where the start is


Optimism for a brighter future: our latest research

Central government

Can AI transform the criminal justice system? The jury’s still out

Insurance and pensions

Springing into action: four steps to take advantage of funding improvements

Data and analytics

Building greener and healthier societies with digital technology

Future of work

How different leads to better: the link between diversity and innovation


A cash free society needs a safety net

Insurance and pensions

What will the next five years look like for the pensions landscape?

Insurance and pensions

Helping insurance customers to escape the loop of doom with intelligent technology